Saturday, October 28, 2006

Chronicles of the Messenger- October 28th 2006

matthew mark: .
Thee_Goddess: hello messenger
matthew mark: hello Goddess
matthew mark: or should I say Katie
Thee_Goddess: yes you may
matthew mark: you are too kind
Thee_Goddess: i am myself
matthew mark: how's lifes traveles been going ?
Thee_Goddess: today has been hectic as usual.. but i found time to write about love and healing.. and capturing lifes moments
matthew mark: so good of you to do that
matthew mark: I have a message for you today
Thee_Goddess: thats was my hopes
matthew mark: again you are so kind and willing to listen
matthew mark: my message you know
matthew mark: be careful for in the midst of the sheep there are wolves
matthew mark: there are those who love you to the utmost
Thee_Goddess: it is so hard to be careful.. on this path messenger
matthew mark: but there are those who seek your destruction
matthew mark: dont walk the path alone
Thee_Goddess: i have felt this.. they wish to destroy what is good and of god
matthew mark: yes
Thee_Goddess: but there is no one to aalk with me messenger
matthew mark: let their purpose be known to you
matthew mark: oh but there is one who wants to walk with you
matthew mark: let not your heart be troubled
matthew mark: there is one that has walked the path before you
Thee_Goddess: yes im sure
matthew mark: and they are making it clear for you to enter
Thee_Goddess: well there is one out there
Thee_Goddess: you have spoke to him
Thee_Goddess: he is of such goodness
Thee_Goddess: i imagine walking the path with him some day
Thee_Goddess: and it being so bright
Thee_Goddess: bringing great things to all we pass
matthew mark: that is so good to hear
matthew mark: I know you will make good decisions along the way
matthew mark: dont let anyone tear you down
matthew mark: for they are from the evil one
Thee_Goddess: my heart is good messenger.. but naive
matthew mark: I can feel that your heart is good
matthew mark: thats why I am led to you
Thee_Goddess: always curious as to how you were led to me
matthew mark: oh but you know the answer to that
matthew mark: many I speak to thru the days
matthew mark: many turn away and curse God
matthew mark: but not you
matthew mark: you stand firm
matthew mark: you say it in your words and your heart
matthew mark: I am here for only a moment
matthew mark: I give you encouragement as you give me
Thee_Goddess: a moment can last forever messenger
Thee_Goddess: =)
matthew mark: how beautifully said
matthew mark: your heart has meant so much
Thee_Goddess: surely it should mean so much more throughout my days here on earth
matthew mark: I wanted to hear that
matthew mark: thankyou for those words
Thee_Goddess: you are welcome messenger, i am glad i can bring you some peace
Thee_Goddess: as you do me
matthew mark: I have peace but you make it stronger
Thee_Goddess: that is what i meant =)
matthew mark: one more thing before i go
matthew mark: LOVE
Thee_Goddess: i love every day messenger
Thee_Goddess: to some xtents this world percieve as wrongThee_Goddess: but they do not understand my intentions
Thee_Goddess: it is ok
matthew mark: they know not the love that we speak of
Thee_Goddess: so true
Thee_Goddess: So True!
matthew mark: God bless you Katie
matthew mark: keep the faith
Thee_Goddess: God bless You matthew Mark
Thee_Goddess: it is not going anywhere
Thee_Goddess: you can trust in that
matthew mark: i know
matthew mark: till next time
Thee_Goddess: =) until then

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