Tuesday, October 24, 2006

matthew mark: .
Thee_Goddess: im here
matthew mark: so good to see you again
Thee_Goddess: indeed
matthew mark: didnt think it would be so soon
matthew mark: been very busy here
Thee_Goddess: no, i did not either
Thee_Goddess: im glad you find people to listen
matthew mark: finding people to listen is not easy
Thee_Goddess: i understand
Thee_Goddess: i know we have rea
d a few since last night
matthew mark: wonderful
Thee_Goddess: but many question our validity
Thee_Goddess: which i guess is good still because they do not dismiss the possibility
matthew mark: many do but we know the truth
Thee_Goddess: yes
matthew mark: I am here to speak to you for a reason today
Thee_Goddess: thank god
matthew mark: a message especially for you
Thee_Goddess: i am excited
matthew mark: you had questions about being an angel
Thee_Goddess: yes
Thee_Goddess: i question the validity of what others think of me
matthew mark: please do not worry about what others think
Thee_Goddess: i do not worry 90% of the time
matthew mark: you were put on this earth for a reason
matthew mark: I am not at liberty to say whether or not you are an angel
matthew mark: but
matthew mark: I am at liberty to tell you that you have an obligation
matthew mark: #1 to your children
matthew mark: #2 to your family
matthew mark: #3 to your friends
matthew mark: #4 to the world
matthew mark: LOVE THEM
matthew mark: Jesus died for the world because of LOVE
Thee_Goddess: yes.. i know... through him i can taste just a small amount of his love that i have felt was my immense love for another
matthew mark: you say it so well
matthew mark: I have spoken to others that know you
Thee_Goddess: god has gifted me with words messenger
Thee_Goddess: yes i know.. they are curious
matthew mark: they are because of you
Thee_Goddess: and skeptical.. but i believe their curiousity is a step in the right direction
Thee_Goddess: yes... i absolutely get that
matthew mark: dont give up on them
Thee_Goddess: i wont.. i am relentless
Thee_Goddess: i know that my mere presence is their open door
matthew mark: thats what I like to hear
Thee_Goddess: and i wont push them through
Thee_Goddess: but leave it open for when they are ready to enter
Thee_Goddess: they know its open
matthew mark: no dont push, Jesus waits at the door and knocks, its up to them to open the door
Thee_Goddess: Amen to that.. which is my approach
Thee_Goddess: just being there when it is time for them
matthew mark: yes, please be there
matthew mark: dont push anyone away
Thee_Goddess: never..
matthew mark: but also be careful
Thee_Goddess: my ex husband did not understand my love for people
Thee_Goddess: my genuine love
Thee_Goddess: how am i to be careful
Thee_Goddess: many have told me that as well
matthew mark: because ther are those who will try to get to you through this approach that you have
matthew mark: for their own gain
matthew mark: for sexual desire
Thee_Goddess: yes.. it has happened
Thee_Goddess: =matthew mark: stay pure for the Lord
matthew mark: I know this
matthew mark: and then there are those that you push away because of your own fears
Thee_Goddess: what are my fears? Dying without finding my great love?matthew mark: you answered your question with a question
Thee_Goddess: i do not know if i have more
matthew mark: what are you afraid of
Thee_Goddess: aside from... not earning my place in heaven
matthew mark: you cannot earn your place in heaven
matthew mark: when a person accepts Jesus, their place is given to them
Thee_Goddess: true i can love jesus.. but sexually i am weak... i am i know this.. i love too much and i want so badly to be one with my lover
matthew mark: patience my dear
Thee_Goddess: one of my greatest virtues
matthew mark: you have had so much love given to you and you seem to turn some away
Thee_Goddess: you know.. you are right
matthew mark: dont think of love and sex in the same sentence
matthew mark: when you turn away from someone that truely loves you then you become vulnerable
Thee_Goddess: but how can i love them when i feel my love is being taken wrongly
Thee_Goddess: being taken as... a relationship beyond friends
matthew mark: you have to distinguish the truth behind a persons love
matthew mark: love is to never be taken for granted
matthew mark: from no one
Thee_Goddess: =\ i am guilty.. i will take that to heart
matthew mark: I have seen people pushed away and let out in the cold that has truely loved
Thee_Goddess: i have been a victim of that also matthew
matthew mark: by those who say they love in return
Thee_Goddess: i know the pain
matthew mark: dont take anyones love for granted
matthew mark: they hurt also
Thee_Goddess: do you think i should make ammends?
Thee_Goddess: to those i know i have done this to?
matthew mark: you know the answer to that
Thee_Goddess: i do
Thee_Goddess: it has been bothering me
Thee_Goddess: i have thought bout making a call
matthew mark: let me share something with you
Thee_Goddess: please do
matthew mark: a man loved someone so much that he was willing to die for this person
matthew mark: the person took his love for granted and brushed it aside
matthew mark: then when this person realized that no one loved them like this person
matthew mark: it was too late for the person who loved passed away
matthew mark: dont let love be destroyed for any purpose
matthew mark: only you will be the one that losesmatthew mark: stand firm my friend on all that is true
matthew mark: never take what you yourself cannot give
matthew mark: God gives us everyday, lets not waste it
Thee_Goddess: i do not think i can handle being loved so much
matthew mark: yes you can, because you have already been loved so overwhelmingly
Thee_Goddess: it gives me strength to love others
matthew mark: that is the greatest thing I have heard yet today
matthew mark: my message is delivered and you my dear friend are special
matthew mark: I must leave
Thee_Goddess: until next time messenger...
matthew mark: You are a perfect listener
Thee_Goddess: thank you
matthew mark: God bless

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