Wednesday, October 25, 2006

matthew mark: .
Thee_Goddess: hello
matthew mark: hello Goddess
matthew mark: hows lifes journey going today ?
Thee_Goddess: i feel numb today messenger
Thee_Goddess: drained
matthew mark: sorry
Thee_Goddess: placid
Thee_Goddess: it is ok, it is my bodies way of winding down.. catching up with being hectic for the day so far
matthew mark: I understand
matthew mark: I am not here for long
matthew mark: just wanted you to know that someone spoke to me a few minutes ago about you
Thee_Goddess: sorry to hear that =Thee_Goddess: oh yeah?
Thee_Goddess: i hope it does not bother you
Thee_Goddess: but quite a few people may be coming to you
matthew mark: not at all
Thee_Goddess: hopefully with good intent
Thee_Goddess: i did not think you would mind
matthew mark: this person speaks very highly of you
Thee_Goddess: i am honored
matthew mark: I feel that this person in someway finds a special kind of love for you
matthew mark: its good to see that people love one another
Thee_Goddess: love is in abundance in my life i am greatful
Thee_Goddess: yes
Thee_Goddess: it is
matthew mark: its very rare in these days
Thee_Goddess: yes, it is
matthew mark: seems like the only love people have is either for money or sex
Thee_Goddess: true, but i am a firm believer that we may be out numbered but there are we few who have learned to love unconditionally, and it is blissful when we run into one anothers lives
Thee_Goddess: refreshing so to speak
matthew mark: yes
matthew mark: it was very good for me to see this today
matthew mark: most people want to speak only of themselves
Thee_Goddess: i am glad.. im sure it was refreshing as well
matthew mark: very refreshing
Thee_Goddess: true.. but its not so bad, sometimes they feel they need to pour out to us
Thee_Goddess: its our job to absorb
Thee_Goddess: =)
matthew mark: you are so good
matthew mark: your love seems pure and honest
Thee_Goddess: my name... stands for purity and innocense
Thee_Goddess: go figure
matthew mark: I know this
matthew mark: I speak to many every day
matthew mark: but none has commended anyone like this person did you today
matthew mark: it brought joy to my heart
Thee_Goddess: i do not deserve that
Thee_Goddess: for merely being who i am
matthew mark: tears are in my eyes
Thee_Goddess: overwhelmed with joy i am sure
matthew mark: very much so
Thee_Goddess: i know the feeling
Thee_Goddess: hold onto it and use it for something spectacular
Thee_Goddess: write about it
Thee_Goddess: capture its essence
matthew mark: thats what you are about
matthew mark: speak of Jesus when you write for it is all about His love
matthew mark: God bless you Goddess
Thee_Goddess: you may call me Katie.. Catherine if you would like
matthew mark: I knew this
matthew mark: and thankyou
Thee_Goddess: you are welcome
matthew mark: have a wonderful day Katie for you are so loved
Thee_Goddess: thank you messenger... I hope your day is just as blessed as we truly are.. i hope you feel this
matthew mark: I definately do today
matthew mark: Thanks so much
Thee_Goddess: Thank you
Thee_Goddess: Messenger.. we are getting stronger.. god is with us

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