Sunday, October 15, 2006

Only Fly!

Her own tears..muffled by his silence
She thought for sure by now he'd have spoken
Said the words
Said something... anything
"Sometimes I feel like you do not want me around"
"Like your just waiting for a reason to go"
"I'm sorry"
She adores him..
She has spoken when only god seems to listen
When he is right there in her arms.. breathing.. waiting
She wakes to hold on to what is left
before the day she wakes to it no longer being there
I am not ready to be here..
I am not ready to hear what you have to say..
If it is no words you are speaking.. then surely your eyes have become loud in my presence
Your words are hidden by what my mind cannot fathom
My heart is stolen by the unknown..
running into myself everywhere i turn
Have i taken the time to face what I am inside?
Do the mirrors draw a fear that i cannot commit away from?
Told to face the unknown.. preparing for truth
Disinfecting what has been perceived only in ones mind
Mumbling in my sleep from that in which haunts me
You listen closely
Trying to find a clue
When I kneel before you confessing by day
You try to read between my lines..
but they are well defined
There is nothing to find
This is what I am
Before you is where I desire to fall
You reach out to touch my face
Hoping to feel anything other than nothing
What is it you have left to feel?
Is there anything that remains within you to give?
You fear my freedom.. my spirit that flies with fiery eyes
You fear you have been captured..
But there is no one here guarding you
You are free to go.. you need only stand and push away the door
from the lock that was never there
You can fly with me... if you want to
We can capture tiny moments in a jar
SHake them to watch them glow again
You can go your own way.. I will be going mine
I am sure our paths will cross more than you know
BUt surely there is no path to follow
Would you rather wander in the wilderness alone..
Unknown as to if you will ever find life again
The mere chance of finding a reason to smile
Yet you smile with me.. as your heart contemplates which way you will turn
With me.. you laugh.. as your soul hesitates being consumed
Without me you wonder if That was your chance
Without me you have not jumped.. but fallen
Which way do you wish to go?
Id surrender to be your guiding light
Will you shine for me in turn?
If we are meant to reach that same destination
Let us not fear where it is that has been chosen for us
Let us not fear...Together
Only fly

Dedicated to he.. whom holds my heart delicately in his hand.

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