Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Loving a truth..

The whole world has dissappeared..
Waking with this smile...
its been a long time
but its ok once in awhile
So overly witty as i stumble over my soft words
Barely with sight i imagine your kiss staying on my lips
Your getting in my way with your surprises
I wasnt expecting to need something so soon
I made rules and you helped me break them
I drew a line and you turned it into a circle.. pulled me inside
So i stand on the outer edge.. while you dance in the center..
I watch the outside world linger outside this place
No one's allowed inside
Your watching me..
Guarding me..
You have me where you want me and Still i tremble in fear of You
I have been here before
You cannot speak..
I have heard these words too many times
You cannot convince me with your touch..
I have felt this touch once before
I have known.. and forgotten this place
Oh this is going to burn
Do we have to do this again?
Do i have to see you?
You have stood on the outside so long.. speaking to me from the distance
With patience you watched me fall apart..
With anger you pushed the pieces back into my reach
Im not so much amazed at how i need you now..
Im amazed at how you have come to need me..
This fragile soul..
What have I shown you that you could not see?
What have I given you that You have never received?
Who have I been that you have never known?
You say you dont want to hear me.. then you stop and listen to the silence
Didnt you want to see.. everything you could be
Now you look away
Afraid to know the day
Wondering about the things you have needed for so long
Coming into a world you have only imagined could exist
Wishing you were never brought into this place
Living a Lie..
Loving a truth..

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Lyrics by anna nalick

"Forever Love (Dígame)"

On the ground
With my world
Upside down
I got a vision of your face
And I must get me out
For so many memories we've yet to make

God don't send to me your angels
I just wanna hear you say again

Forever love
Say you'll love
Dígame, Dígame
Tell me so
I can hold you in my soul
If I go
I'll know

When you smile
With those eyes
Baby it's like
You place a finger on my heart
And your lips next to mine
Make me think
that maybe heavens where you are

God don't send to me your angels
I just wanna hear you say again
Forever love
Say you'll love
Dígame, Dígame
Tell me so
I can hold you in my soul
And if I go
I'll know

-Anna Nalick

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Lies speak such beauty!

I say I no longer feel.. I no longer love.. I no longer miss you…
I have taught myself to deceive myself in all ways
Because I do not want to love.. You
Because I do not want to miss you.
I just want to erase what we were. I want to erase everything we had been.
I want to take away the day we met and undo everything that had become..
I want to untangle the web we created and run from the love you gave me
I should have ran and never looked back.. Had I ran then.. It would not have hurt so badly
Now I cannot even feel the pain anymore.
I have become numb to all things around me..
And yet I have learned to love things I should not love.
You took away the purity I once believed in.. Now I just don’t care anymore
You took away the faith I had in forever.. Now I am content to live in the day
What was once so pure and strong has now become weak and careless..
I just don’t care..
Take me away to the fiery pits of hell
If loving myself and loving others is not enough
If giving all that I am to those that reach out for me is not enough
If reaching out to the blind and giving them something to believe in is not enough
I Can’t give what I am not
I cannot be anything more
If loving a man so much that you will let him enter your body and create a union nothing can come closer to.. is a sin.. So be it
If making love is denying ones faith.. So be it
If trying to love another more than what we once had is wrong…
If pulling him into my arms while I push you out of my mind is wrong…
If running my hand down his chest.. allowing the sensation to rush through our bodies is wrong…Bring me death
To live without is far worse than being in death without
My heart is pure.. My soul is dirty..
It craves what I am told to reject
Why have I been created this way?
Should I even wonder at all?
Does spending a lifetime rejecting what you want so badly make you feel alive?
Are you living at all.. When you no longer feel alive outside of these arms?
You are so weak.. We could have been “the ones”
Everyone wants to be loved..
Sometimes so much that they will deny all else until they have it
But you… You had a love that all others would die for and you walk away?
You possessed a heart so passionate to please you for eternity..
You had a woman that wanted nothing more than to simply die in your arms..
And you leave her to die… alone
I would have given 1000 nights of nothingness to live in the everything that we were.
You have forsaken me…
And you expect me to feel…what is it you want me to be able to feel now?
You took this wounded heart and built a world around it.. A fortress.. meant to protect me from all else..
But it could not protect me from you
I hate you…for making me love you
I hate you for showing me what I can not have
I hate you for giving me a dream and making me wake up
The man you have become.. trying to hide yourself in your bible
Trying to pretend you are doing the right thing
Trying to tell yourself… what you are doing is righteous and pure
The damage is done
The words spoken..
The blood has been spilt in your name
Honor this love.. Honor this now..
Tears have been shed for your “commitment”
You have made me the great sacrifice for your soul
When you could have walked away..
Your selfishness
Your naivety
Your own desires that became you..
Only one hurts now.. because of YOU
You say you tried to save me.. but now all is lost
You pushed me further from the world than I have ever been.. and I fear I am spinning out of control..
It’s ok.. it is.. I don’t care
I want to spin..
I want to find my truth.. My truth
I will find my Faith.. My faith
Inside of me..
Not inside some book
Not inside the walls of a building
Not at an altar
But inside of me..
If I don’t have faith in myself.. who will?
Knowledge is power.
Ignorance is bliss.
Do you see?? Your happy ignoring how you feel.. not knowing what I am feeling..
But is it right?
Never knowing how you tore another person down.. Will you ever grow if you ignore what you have done?
Run from me love.. Run far.. you may not want to know.. But I’ll be damned if the rest of the world doesn’t.
Seems poetic doesn’t it.. Such beauty in the darkness..
Many will read these words.. Some will feel.. But only one has lived it
“I love you as much as I love Jesus Christ.. and the day I stop loving him is the day I will stop loving you”
Oh you had a way of making me believe didn’t you?
A way with words.. Given my trust in your faith that you would never betray what I have given to you.. Never forsake our bond..
Lies speak such beauty…
Don’t they?

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Mind is poison..heart is the remedy!!

Lying awake I discover the truth behind my dreams..
Im shaking again, am I falling fast
When i am afraid I fear for you.. for your love.. for what you will become without me
In my mind.. i hear your words.. in my heart i feel what they mean..
Being silenced by my emotions.. i fear what i myself have become
You have stolen my darkness.. can i borrow it for some time?
Sinning in bliss.. my god what road am i traveling
Dreaming of passion.. waking up to nothing.. to no one
Too consumed in keeping you alive
Have i given my life for yours
This is the path chosen for me
It is ok love, I have no where else to go...
I promise you the pain will not kill you
You fear the unknown.. well know this well..
In the end.. do not wish for death.. wish for new life..

"What are you? "
His words spoken that i have heard within myself for all eternity
His words spoken that i have never imagined i would hear
I dont know.. I cannot know.. it is not allowed
Would i be efficient if i was aware?
Would i make the same choices if i could see where they will take me?
Would i be the same had i not failed miserably?
Failure has become my success
Failure has broken me and sent me back into the fire with a strength i had not possessed...
She has taken my little hand and slapped it until it bleeds
Everything i touch recieves the mark of my blood.. the essence that keeps me alive...
blood, never to wash away

Is someone missing me?
Am i too much to fight for..
If you will not fight, you have no worth by my side
If i had fought years to become who.. what i have become..
Why should you possess me with such ease?
There is no passion in recieving what is given..
But there will be in taking what is fought for
I wont fall easily
I will run..
I have been given a gift to love many.. a curse to hold none
Have i fought in turn for those i have fallen for?
Did I not give up on those who cried for me?
I give so much and take so little..
I love so hard and am loved with leisure
My hand always reaches.. while his decides with too much thought
His words are chosen with care.. while my heart carelessly speaks.
Mind is poison.. heart is the remedy

As the great Queen Elizabeth once spoke with her own lips..
altered for myself..
"I am No mans Catherine."

Sunday, June 18, 2006


STolen my words I cannot speak..
You are the pain inside of me..
All the thoughts I have left unsaid
Im dying to further fall
You'll never catch me sleeping..
Im lying outside your heart
waiting for you to join me..
waiting for myself to breathe
Dont allow me to be your beautiful mistake
Dont write the words if you cannot speak
Im not going anywhere...
I'll be your impossible
I'll heal to show you who i used to be
I'll dream just to show you where i'd like to be
I can see it in your eyes when I cry
Your waiting for me to return
Ill be there soon.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

You are the Goddess Artemis!

Brave, and a natural born leader.You're willing to fight for what you believe in...And willing to make tough decisions.Don't forget - the people around you have ideas too!

The daughter of Leto and Zeus, and the twin of Apollo. Artemis is the goddess of the wilderness, the hunt and wild animals, and fertility (she became a goddess of fertility and childbirth mainly in cities). She was often depicted with the crescent of the moon above her forehead and was sometimes identified with Selene (goddess of the moon). Artemis was one of the Olympians and a virgin goddess. She is one of only three who are immune to the enchantments of Aphrodite... the other two are Hestia and Athene (Athena). Her main vocation was to roam mountain forests and uncultivated land with her nymphs in attendance hunting for lions, panthers, hinds and stags. Contradictory to the later, she helped in protecting and seeing to their well-being, also their safety and reproduction. She was armed with a bow and arrows which were made by Hephaestus and the Cyclopes.
In one legend, Artemis was born one day before her brother Apollo. Her mother gave birth to her on the island of Ortygia, then, almost immediately after her birth, she helped her mother to cross the straits over to Delos, where she then delivered Apollo. This was the beginning of her role as guardian of young children and patron of women in childbirth. Being a goddess of contradictions, she was the protectress of women in labor, but it was said that the arrows of Artemis brought them sudden death while giving birth. As was her brother, Apollo, Artemis was a divinity of healing, but also brought and spread diseases such as leprosy, rabies and even gout.
Being associated with chastity, Artemis at an early age (in one legend she was three years old) asked her father, the great god Zeus, to grant her eternal virginity. Also, all her companions were virgins. Artemis was very protective of her purity, and gave grave punishment to any man who attempted to dishonor her in any form. Actaeon, while out hunting, accidentally came upon Artemis and her nymphs, who bathing naked in a secluded pool. Seeing them in all their naked beauty, the stunned Actaeon stopped and gazed at them, but when Artemis saw him ogling them, she transformed him into a stag. Then, incensed with disgust, she set his own hounds upon him. They chased and killed what they thought was another stag, but it was their master. As with Orion, a giant and a great hunter, there are several legends which tell of his death, one involving Artemis. It is said that he tried to rape the virgin goddess, so killed him with her bow and arrows. Another says she conjured up a scorpion which killed Orion and his dog. Orion became a constellation in the night sky, and his dog became Sirius, the dog star. Yet another version says it was the scorpion which stung him and was transformed into the constellation with Orion, the later being Scorpio. Artemis was enraged when one of her nymphs, Callisto, allowed Zeus to seduce her, but the great god approached her in one of his guises; he came in the form of Artemis. The young nymph was unwittingly tricked, and she gave birth to Arcas, the ancestor of the Arcadians, but Artemis showed no mercy and changed her into a bear. She then shot and killed her. As Orion, she was sent up to the heavens, and became the constellation of the Great Bear (which is also known as the Plough).
Artemis was very possessive. She would show her wrath on anyone who disobeyed her wishes, especially against her sacred animals. Even the great hero Agamemnon came upon the wrath of Artemis, when he killed a stag in her sacred grove. His punishment came when his ships were becalmed, while he made his way to besiege Troy. With no winds to sail his ships he was told by the seer Calchas that the only way Artemis would bring back the winds was for him to sacrifice his daughter Iphigenia. Some versions say he did sacrifice Iphigenia, others that Artemis exchanged a deer in her place, and took Iphigenia to the land of the Tauri (the Crimea) as a priestess, to prepare strangers for sacrifice to Artemis.
Artemis with her twin brother, Apollo, put to death the children of Niobe. The reason being that Niobe, a mere mortal, had boasted to Leto, the mother of the divine twins, that she had bore more children, which must make her superior to Leto. Apollo being outraged at such an insult on his mother, informed Artemis. The twin gods hunted them down and shot them with their bows and arrows; Apollo killed the male children and Artemis the girls.
Artemis was worshiped in most Greek cities but only as a secondary deity. However, to the Greeks in Asia Minor (modern day Turkey) she was a prominent deity. In Ephesus, a principal city of Asia Minor, a great temple was built in her honor, which became one of the "Seven Wonders of the Ancient World". But at Ephesus she was worshiped mainly as a fertility goddess, and was identified with Cybele the mother goddess of eastern lands. The cult statues of the Ephesian Artemis differ greatly from those of mainland Greece, whereas she is depicted as a huntress with her bow and arrows. Those found at Ephesus show her in the eastern style, standing erect with numerous nodes on her chest. There have been many theories as to what they represent. Some say they are breasts, others that they are bulls testes which were sacrificed to her. Which is the true interpretation remains uncertain, but each represent fertility.
There were festivals in honor of Artemis, such as the Brauronia, which was held in Brauron; and the festival of Artemis Orthia, held at Sparta, when young Spartan boys would try to steal cheeses from the altar. As they tried they would be whipped, the meaning of Orthia and the nature of the ritual whipping has been lost and there is no logical explanation or translation. Among the epithets given to Artemis are: Potnia Theron (mistress of wild animals) this title was mentioned by the great poet Homer; Kourotrophos (nurse of youth's); Locheia (helper in childbirth); Agrotera (huntress); and Cynthia (taken from her birthplace on Mount Cynthus on Delos). When young girls reached puberty they were initiated into her cult, but when they decided to marry, which Artemis was not against, they were asked to lay in front of the altar all the paraphernalia of their virginity, toys, dolls and locks of their hair, they then left the domain of the virgin goddess.

Monday, June 12, 2006

Will you follow?

How do you dance in words?
React to the music running through your veins...
Breathe in the vibrations
Set your soul free... release yourself into the night
Be weary of the morning light
Heart.. pounding..
Close my eyes.. all i see is him...
Furious.. fire.. burns in his eyes..
Intensity reigning throughout his body..
Possessed by his presence..
Poisoned by his very existance..
What man could see as I see..
Feel as I feel
Dance.. as I dance.
No movements of the physical form.. but to close ones eyes and fly...
No touching.. only fusion of two beings through the mind
Can I tangle you in my dance
Make it hard for you to stop
Give you an addiction.. with no cure
Gently rest your hands on my hips
Testing the passion as I wrap my body around yours
Pulling you into me with my eyes
Do you want me to take you inside?
Do you want to feel where this passion hides in the daylight?
You pull me tight.. your breath heavy on my neck
Sweat running between our bodies
I rest my lips on your shoulder..
Tasting you
Wanting you
My heart can feel it against you
I can't get close enough..
I wrap my arms around your neck..
pulling you close as the music runs through our bodies
Your hands around my back.. my hand grasping your hair
Locked in eachothers eyes.. never to look away
We dance in the moonlight..
Careless of what the day will bring
Mesmerized.. I cannot believe where I am
Where we have taken one another
The music ends.. but the dance has only just begun
How did we get here?
With one last glance i take your hand.. look into your eyes and smile
Releasing.. one finger at a time.. as our hands slide apart
I walk away..
Will you follow?

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Everyone goes away in the end...

i will make you hurt.

Nobody stays forever.. and if they do they are not happy.
They feel obligated to stay to not hurt you
They feel it is their responsibility to make Your life right.
Or they become the thing that made your life wrong.

Those strong enough to walk away and Hurt someone...
My hat goes off to you.
You are Strong among men
You are the wolf among the sheep
The thorn on the rose...
You are pain. You are Life.
You make us bleed.
You let us feel every breath... because we despise the fact we still do
You make us count each day after you... because we would rather not notice the time flying by
Stand in the rain... make me watch you
Stand there and ignore me
Walk away from me... you know its only a matter of time..
Why wait..
Why stay..
Why make me watch my life pass me by...
When I could be holding it by the hand and running free..
What pleasure do you get from capturing me?
Dont give me a reason to make time stand still..
unless you want to die with me.
Do you want whats left of me?
Do you want to rebuild this foundation..
To make whole what has become so crumbled and frail?
Do you want to dance in the shadows ..With me?
or would you rather stand back and watch me fall apart alone?
Do you want to shine your light into my darkness?
I can shine alone...
I can love myself...
I can make my dreams come to pass...
Why do you want to make me need you?
What do I bring to you that you cannot live without?
Tell me.. why am I "the one"
Who will take my place?
Cause you know someone will
Who will give their life for you... after you leave me to die?
What arms will reach for you, when I no longer have the strength?
Who will be left to remove your doubt.. when you can no longer trust in yourself?
Don't take pity on me.. but envy I still Live.
Envy I have life and hope and I still dream...
Shattered.. they Exist.
I cannot live without myself...
So please dont take away who I am

Thursday, June 08, 2006


Excerpt from Thrusday June 5th 2003

I guess there is a down side to trying to look up in life...
You never see the worse coming.
You give someone the benefit of the doubt..
you ignore their past,
a past that they have yet to walk away from,
you look forward with them,
then next thing you know you turn around and their gone.

I know we all die alone in the end,
thats just the way things are.
Does it really matter what we have here on earth?
Would a mortal know if they had a fallen angel in their life?
I have come to find that no matter how hard I try or how real I am,
it is not enough....I am simply not enough.

My words are mute in the echoed halls of ones past.
My feelings are expendable and my tears...
just another sad collection into the ocean of all the tears lost in vein.
I had my it is gone.

My doorway to happiness opened right before me...
I got to taste touch know it.
Can't they see...nothing just comes to you.
You have to make sacrifices..
you have to know when the passage in fate has opened her arms to you.
Why was I so blind.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Jesus hung up on Sam!!

keado1586: lol
Thee goddess23: ...and hung up on him

Samurai!! so i gotta stop saying what if
Samurai!!: and just starting believing
Thee_Goddess: yes and just believe it
Samurai!!: man i really dig this spirtual stuff.
Thee_Goddess: keado1586: tell him don't believe. start knowing..
Samurai!!: so we can only control what is inside us
Samurai!!: nothing that surronds us ?
Samurai!!: 1 800 390 1886.
Samurai!!: why could jesus not love ?
Samurai!: ....
Samurai!!: i just tried to call jesus.
Thee_Goddess: i was afk
Samurai!!: you know my voice reconition ?
Samurai!!: i hit it and said jesus .
Thee_Goddess: LOL why did you do that
Samurai!!: i have no idea
Samurai!!: i guess i was thinking of jesus
Samurai!!: then i realized it when my second beep went off
Samurai!!: said it could not reconize voice command
Samurai!!: would of been creepy if someone picked up
Samurai!!: omg
Samurai!!: wtf
Samurai!!: i just got an unknown call
Samurai!!: who ever it was just hung up on me though.
Thee_Goddess: HAHAAH jesus just called you
Thee_Goddess: And hung up on your ass
Thee_Goddess: I so need to blog this

Samurai!!: ok this is wierd
Samurai!!: someones fucking with me
Samurai!!: cuz my room phone just rang too
Samurai!!: and no one picked up

Yeah this is some funny shit!!
Sliding the rubber gloves onto my hands, my mind is drawn to the way I used to be wearing an engagement ring for so long that I was always careful to not disturb it... I feel a tingle as my fingers pull the glove past my finger with Nothing to catch.. nothing to be careful of.. there is a freedom from destroying anything.. there is no fear left... now that i pay attention to the fact that its gone...

I can do whatever I want, and nothing I do matters. Nothing I do will hurt anyone because I am alone. I am One. Unconnected and deprived from emotion??

Haaa... I have found myself looking forward so quickly.. trying to learn how to control my emotions.. how to unleash the Right words.
Trying to breathe.. and Just breathe.

Yeah, my existance effects no one.. I have 50 fucking people out there that are directly effected by my every action and thats not a Burden? but you know what.. its alright.. because I am living life and living it right, but also "LIVING"

I am ALIVE and well... touching tasting feeling thinking the things i want to think... DOING what it is that will bring me to better places in my mind and in my heart. Feeling what i want to feel...
and no one can stop me but myself... and that isnt going to happen. WHY should I?

He asked me to be a good girl *sigh* stopped my heart from beating for a moment.
I have learned to not think about these things anymore.. to only feel what is real.. and what is becoming... But to be considerate of who and what these people mean to me in their own ways.
That he is unable to think of another woman other than me...
He has given his devotion, to me.. to his goddess
He is laying his heart on the line, not for me to step on or walk over, but to lay beside it


"well to be honest, most of my profile may be based behind the emotion
i had when i Was very much in love with my ex fiance...
He left me in April and it was devistating..
After the withdrawals..
I have found myself once again,
and my eyes have been opened to the world that i could no longer see
when being in his essence...
Those out there we can connect with and become whole again..
through them.
You never believe there is another until you are Forced to.
I am thankful that I have this new oppurtunity in my life
to achieve something greater than I have had.
As much as the pain of losing a loved one is,
The joy of finding the Greater love.. is phenomenal.
You cannot live.. Until you have died!

Monday, June 05, 2006

Taurus and Cancer in love!

Taurus With Cancer In Love
This is usually a real match made in heaven.
Taurus and Cancer are like soulmates who live their marriage in total happiness.
Cancer likes romance with overloads of affection, and this is ecactly what Taurus looks for in love.
Taurus is someone Cancer can depend on.
Cancer give Taurus the loyalty they need.
Truely a love made in heaven between these two signs.

Both of you are very domestic and need a strong, secure home base in order to be happy. The sharing of food, nurturing of children, and creating a home together would be very satisfying for the two of you. Cancer has deep attachments to family and to the familiar, which are hard to let go of. Taurus too, is resistant to changes in domestic or personal life, preferring to stay with what has already been established rather than seeking novelty.
Of the two of you, Cancer is the more emotional, sensitive, and moody, while Taurus is more steady, practical, and even-tempered.(hahah lies)
Taurus gives Cancer a reassuring sense of security and is like the Rock of Gibraltar for Cancer during times of emotional stress and turmoil. Cancer may wish, however, that Taurus was less impassive at times.
Both of you are very domestic and appreciate the simple joys of life. Others find the two of you to be very warm, friendly, and caring, and your soft and considerate attitude is greatly appreciated by your friends. If you have children, then you are very dedicated and involved parents. The two of you would enjoy living in a quiet, fairly secluded place away from hustle and bustle.(hmmm like a cabin in the woods)
Cancer is very emotional, very attached to family and familiar surroundings and easily upset by any form of cruelty; Taurus' practical, grounded approach to life and gentle manner is very much appreciated by Cancer.
Both of you, as individuals, posses a great deal of personal charm and appeal. You are able to attract love, opportunities, money, and whatever you need in your lives rather easily. In fact, unless other factors in your charts indicate a capacity for effort and discipline, you may sail through life doing whatever comes easiest and depending a great deal on your "pretty face" or pleasing, likeable manner to get by.
The two of you share a great sense of aesthetics and taste, an appreciation for beauty, the arts, and the pleasures of life. A flair for the art of love, too, is a gift you share.
Each of you also has quite a bit of artistic potential and you can encourage and inspire this in each other. A focus on developing and expressing your creativity - together as well as individually - is apt to be one of the most fulfilling aspects of your relationship.
(write for me baby)

Both of you are passionate and deeply loving, and you each need to have a partner who is capable of the same level of depth, intimacy, and union that you are. You are also both prone to irresistible attractions and rather intense eroticism. You share a strong sexual and romantic appetite.
Sexual and physical attraction is very strong and "hot". If your sexual relationship is not satisfactory, you begin arguing with each other; in this relationship, frustrated sexuality turns to anger. Assuming that there are no physical impediments, the potential for becoming pregnant is high, (i warned you) so it is essential to be scrupulous in the use of birth control methods if pregnancy is not desired.

You are drawn to one another because you instinctively understand each other. There are strong feelings of belonging, closeness, and acceptance between you. You blend and merge with one another very easily and a strong mutual interdependence is likely to develop very quickly. Taurus especially, feels affirmed and strengthened by Cancer support and "backing". Because of the deep affinity between you, you are more motivated and more able to overcome any problems or differences that arise in your relationship.

You feel open and uninhibited with each other, and can express your feelings spontaneously and without reserve. You enjoy joking and kidding around with each other. If both of you enjoy dancing or playing music, you make wonderful partners in dance and/or music.
Through your relationship with one another, and especially your intimate conversations, both of you will understand your past histories, your emotions, and your own inner lives much more clearly. Being in one another's presence evokes in both of you the desire to confide, to tell your stories, to speak about your private selves. You are able to talk for hours. There is often a sentimental or nostalgic tone in your discussions. Visiting old childhood haunts together, studying your family trees, looking at and discussing old photographs, describing your dreams to each other, talking about your children or your photographs, describing your dreams to each other, talking about your children or your mate or parents - this type of sharing will be a crucial aspect of your bond. Even if you are not the sort of person who discusses feelings or readily confides in others, you'll find that with this particular person, you can and will. You make good counselors for one another.

There is a great deal of mutual trustworthiness, reliability, and responsibility in this relationship that makes you both feel very secure with each other. You can count on each other, and you both take the relationship seriously. You willingly make sacrifices for each other, and a deep love between you develops over time. You will assist each other a great deal over the years. This is likely to be a deep, meaningful, lasting relationship.

Cancer wants to understand every nuance of Taurus' personality and will make Taurus feel like the most important thing in his/her life...and expects to receive the same back! (As you wish) Both of these people are very strong in the domestic impulses category and they will put much time and effort into their home and children.
Taurus will never have to worry about being taken for granted by the quiet, moody Cancer; being a dreamer he will place Taurus on a pedestal and always expect him/her to be perfect, but when the flaws show through he will retire into his shell, feeling let down. Taurus, not being the most tactful person around will clumsily try to coax Cancer out and wind up driving him even further into his/her shell.
Cancer needs and demands (in the pouting way) a lot of sympathy, and Taurus has the nurturing instincts for giving that will help them to get along better than one would expect. At times Cancers nerve will fail him/her but with lots of support and backing from Taurus, Cancer should be able to face life and even be successful in whatever endeavors he/she should try.
This relationship can and will improve with age and hard work, as these are such different personalities, and in many ways ones strength supports the others weakness. Cancers sex life is affected by the way they are getting along in the evening and if there is arguing or other unpleasantness Cancer will not make love to Taurus( LOL ugh...) and too much of this could build a wall between them. If the two are willing to give rather than get, this relationship can be a very good one.