Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Trying to break away...

I feel like I am a million miles from home. I feel like I am so far gone from who I want to be.
Like I will never be right inside...That my soul will never recreate my mind.
I wish I could erase who I have become and start over.
I fight myself day and night.
I hate this person inside of me...
I need to revive this death inside of me. I am carrying around this emptiness like it still belongs to me.
I want to let it go... but it comes out in my words..
it comes out as such an evil darkness that I spend so much of my time wishing I could not speak.
I am crying out more than I can breath...
I want to fall away from who I am
I want to walk away from these ways
I want to speak from my heart...has my heart become so cold?
My chest hurts with anger of my past
Why cant I escape?