Saturday, October 28, 2006

Aging for taste.

If i beg you to stay
would it make a difference anyway
I would throw myself before you
Only to watch you step over me
I only wanted to try
To hold you one last time
It does not matter
You have managed to get over me..
Am i pretending i am broken now?
Can my tears ever really bring back what i miss
If i dont miss you.. then it is how you made me feel
Thats ok.. I can feel this way again
Ive discovered you through this smoke filled room
Alone.. only dressing you up to what i want you to be in my mind
You never walk in with that daisy i see you holding
You never kiss me intently before you leave
You never hold onto my hand just that moment longer
I have made you so wonderful here.. Waiting for you
In my imagination You are everything
I lie here patiently waiting for who you could be
I lie here beside who you really now.. Waiting
You cannot break promises you refuse to make
Guess thats just your way
You never say what you do not mean
I guess its better you dont lie to us both
So i found you in the warmth
Stand here with you in this cold
Time has passed so quickly
I try to not remember before you
It pains me how you miss what you once had
How i cannot hold a candle to what made you feel
That your emotions have been stolen
Bottled up on a shelf.. aging for taste i suppose
Perhaps one day you will invite me over for a glass
Maybe one day we will sit across from one another and smile

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