Thursday, October 19, 2006


I feel him behind me
Holding onto me as I live
Standing behind me as I try to hide
Lying beside me as I cry myself to sleep
He knows I am hurting..
when I have no tears in the daylight
He see's me bleeding in the night
Waiting for the answers
Trembling inside
Hold me sweet angel
So have you come for me this time?
Come to take me away?
Is it my time to walk with you
To see you
Is it time to release this breath
To hold onto your mighty wings as you pull me away
Never looking back
Releasing all the darkness
Freeing me from my mistakes
Is it time to Live with your guidance?
Thrive within the passion you have for me
This lonely mortal
My how times have changed
How I once flew with you
How we laughed in the rain
Danced in the wind
I fell away from you
I chose this angry form
This form of mortal passions
So now i am caught here between heaven and hell
Knowing not how to return to the place i once fell
I just wanted to live
Just this once
Just for this time
I wanted to hold him
feel him
breath him
I could no longer watch..
I had to be there.. where he could see me
Where he could Love me
Nothing else mattered
No risk was too eminent
No sacrifice gone modest or humble
I would be his.. and he in turn would live for me
The nights we watched the stars
Feeling blessed to have this one chance
turned to watching the skies alone
feeling cursed for having it taken away
Im tired sweet one
Im so tired
This is no longer my home
These are no longer my eyes
They are distant..
this heart is so frail
I cannot exist here like this
This is not what i came to hold
No heart could beat stronger
Id run through demons to find its source
No touch could ever bring that last touch back
My ears could touch a thousand words
and not one could replace his whisper
My eyes could touch a thousand faces
still.. not one could replace his fire
Smoldering inside this soul
Nothing left to rekindle
only ashes..

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