Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Tragic Ending.

I am afraid I cant say this
That too much would be at risk
Im afraid I cant do this
If only you caught wind of this

Im afraid to let my heart
fall into the sea
Afraid to let the tears come out
Leading him to question me

Im afraid to know Im here
Hiding from the world

i didnt want to hear you crying
I knew i should have lied
When you said "i doubt you ever loved me"
I shouldnt have let you hear me cry

Im going to make you dissappear
There is nowhere with me that you can stay
Im going to erase all of you from here
I think it is best i look away

You walked over the words i have said
Wore my love like a crown
and left me for dead

You said i never listened
I say you never spoke
I told you i moved on
You must have thought it was a joke

You thought i would wait
until you had the time
I told you i was leaving
you said that is fine

You agreed we were different
We wanted different things
But now you say you were wrong
and confused about so many things

Im still hearing songs
That silenced me to sleep
When you werent around to hold me
Cause there were other places you wanted to be

The pieces never fit
I knew that all too well
But I was determined to save our love
Even when it left me..
Loving you in hell

But some things never change
Some hearts will never mend
Some stories are just more beautiful
When they find a tragic end

Monday, May 21, 2007


I have found a place
I now call home
Lying in his arms
Lost within his eyes
I cant force the words to rhyme
I can only speak the love i find

Take me my love
Walk with me this life
Do not allow me to fall behind
Do not look away
For this life is so short
But let this love be eternal
Creating what has been only an idea
Living what has been only a myth
Ill never make you beg to hold me
You need only open your arms
Let us forget what has fallen behind
That in which has made us strong
That in which has made us hurt and hate
Close your eyes and breath This
Know you will not go without ever again
Know that no words will ever be wasted
That I count them like I have counted the days until i found you
That I hold them as a mother very first holds her child
Know you are safe
That love can be our guide
To see us through the obstacles
To lead us through the night
And when it rains dont run
Just hold me close and know
That it cant rain all the time..
and when it ends..
we will still be standing
Forgive me when I am weak
even an angel makes mistakes
That i dont hang my head in shame
I am only watching where I am going
But sometimes you cant avoid stepping in the wrong places
Know my heart is for you..
That you can do no wrong
That this is who you are
and who you are, is who i love
And we are learning to be Us
Patience is a virtue, given to us by the hand of god
An ingredient to all that is great and wonderful in this world
To love.
Without it we cant be whole
Outside of it we are left alone
Patience is strength to weather all storms
Know I give this to you
That there will be days we just dont understand one another..
But the moment you pull me into your arms..
I understand why I am there.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

For Us.

We have brought ourselves to a place
where we have seen too much to look away
A place that has been so frightening
and yet so tempting and inviting
Only dreamt of eyes forever
and i am waking now that we are together
Giving away the aching
Handling it outside of pleasure
I see you now in this light
Laying so peacefully
After our bodies have so perfectly formed
..into one
The only one i ever want to be
And i adore you.
I love you for everything you are
Even though you are so unlike me
I love that you laugh in the most awkward ways
I love that I am your best friend and you trust me
You truly trust me
I love who I am now
The smile on my face when i pass a stranger
because i am thinking of you
I love that the girl I thought I was
Has finally become the woman I always needed to be
I love that it is ok to need you
and that you are not ashamed to need me
I love that your eyes light up when they meet mine
even when we are pretending to be mad at one another
I love that neither of us knows how deep our emotions run for the other
but we can only fathom.. because we know it is unimaginable
I love being your favorite and your best
And I love that you want to be reminded that you are mine
You are changing around me
Almost as if I have freed you from the world
As if you were just waiting for me to exist
.. the way i had imagined you would be
and to believe for once
it happened right
for us.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Breathe into me

I find it hard to tell you
That my heart is in your hand
I find it hard to say the words
to turn the glass and reverse the sands

I find your eyes an enigma
I have never been able to see
A sign from within
pointing to you
when i find you looking inside of me

I find in your smile a poison
Paralyzing my heart
Slowing to notice Every moment we make
Making me pray for one less day
Of life before You depart

I find in your embrace a passion
Cascading warmths of fire
Pulling me closer
Stealing my breath
Pushing my hopes into burning desire

I find in your soul a place
Left open wide for me
Born not whole
Far from a deadened soul
I breathe into you
You breathe into me

Friday, May 11, 2007


I have been running too long
Afraid to face my fears
Afraid to turn around
and see you still standing here

I have been hiding way too long
In this game of hide and seek
Afraid that you will catch me
and hold me down until im weak

I have been dreaming much too long
Of things that dont exist
Afraid that maybe they do
when im left with dreams of you
I want to wake up and forget all of this

I have been living in a place
where i dont have to see your face
Afraid to stumble in memories
Left in the ashes i cant erase

I am not lost, I know I'm doing fine
Just hiding in a place
I know you could never find
Cause even though i solved your labrynth
You have gone lost and forgotten..
Within Mine

Thursday, May 10, 2007

What did you expect?

Tell me what it is you want me to do?
Walk away from my life and crawl back to you?
Your eyes are deceiving
You had me believing
That your words were your bond and your bond was true

Tell me how it would have been
If you didnt lock me out but let me in
But you built a wall
Said screw it all
And you expected me to not drift away in the wind

Tell me what it is you wanted to hear
When you called me up and confessed your fears
Did you want me to cry
Cause you were ready to try
Did you expect me to choke all over my tears?

You left this heart bleeding
barely left beating
Thrown to ground
sickened by the sound
of my mind screaming to stop

You rolled me in dirt
Playing a game
Never stopped the hurt
Ill never be the same

So you said you couldnt play
You got yourself too deep
Your only option was to run away
from something you were never meant to keep

So i ask if you're gonna be ok
I never meant to act this way
But im standing strong
in anothers heart
I havent been better
since we have been apart

Now I close my eyes
No longer seeing you
Living in a dream
I just couldnt live with you