Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Atkins, Antidepressants, and Induction= No weight loss

Well, as most of you know, I have a pretty extensive history with Low Carb/ Atkins being fairly effective and Easy for me to lose weight on. Recently I decided to re-dedicate myself to the Induction phase of Atkins starting January 1st following an emotionally, mentally, draining situation (november & december) that occured causing me to not only fall off the wagon so to speak, but attempt to become the Size of the wagon as well.

I started taking Zoloft 100 mg every other day in June 2012. In November due to some overwhelming emotions and mental instability, I was then put on Zoloft 100 mg once a day and Klonopin (anti anxiety med) 1mg twice a day. In december, my doctor added a mood stabilizer Buspar..
Ok enough with those details heh..

So back to January 1st.. woohooo, I am so excited, I am SO ready to get back on track and undo the 12 pound gain that crept up on me in my ignorance since October.. but I wasn't going to look back into 2012 or my mistakes... This was a NEW YEAR, a NEW Attitude!! I dusted off the Ol' Low Carb Support Group I started on Facebook and started putting the word out that it existed for anyone who wanted to be a part of it.. Over days, I watched the group Grow and flourish.. over 100 new members. All struggling. encouraging, living, eating and learning by my side.. I have a GREAT Low carb support group.. because of this group I am not only active in my OWN weight loss mission, but I am kept on task as I make sure to help/advise my peers along the way. I'm drinking more water, adding back some exercise I had been skimping on, not cheating at all.. I am on a perfect road to weight loss!!

So, January 12th, I folded and decided I was going to take a peek at the scale.. I have done this before... Induction is a beautiful encouraging time of shedding that excess water weight in week one and starting the down hill trend it weight loss.. I just KNEW that holding back from the scale for those 12 days was really going to pay off Big time... WRONG!!!

I think time stood still as I stared at the SAME number I was looking at in December... NO Loss, No Gain.. just 12 days gone and nothing to show for it except the tears and confusion left on my face. This isn't possible. I did everything right. Hell, I am a veteran at this lifestyle. I know my body, I know the rules, I have learned over the past 9+ years what works, what doesn't, what is controversial or debatable.. I know all the ins and outs.. or so I thought.

There is one little thing I never knew.. because it never pertained to me or my lifestyle before now..

"What medications interfere with or need adjustment during Atkins?"
ANSWER: Virtually all medications interfere. The most incompatible medications are:

  1. Diuretics (water pills)
  2. Psychotropic drugs, including prozac, -->zoloft<-- , lithium, etc.
Whoa.. Wait.. WHAT????

Yeah, after hours and hours of reading hosts of forums, faqs, complaints, experiences of others.. finally it is all making sense.. but at what cost? Am I ready to ween off this antidepressant RIGHT before Nursing school starts, before I embark towards one of the biggest Accomplishments of my life.. am I willing to take that chance and use mind over matter, even though all along I have always felt this depression inside of me was chemical (meaning I can't just tell myself to feel better.. My chemicals won't let me)??

Well, the strong willed person that I am says YES, Start weening, You want to lose weight, and losing weight makes you feel good about yourself, gaining weight sends you spinning into an emotional tornado. Losing weight and "Controlling" it gives you One thing you have control over... afterall, don't we all like to know we are in control?

So, I started weening off of the zoloft, immediately started every other day for the first week, then I weighed in thinking Surely one week at half a dose should show Something...Wrong again.. I did not lose even One pound.. HOW THE HELL could this be happening to me???

Back to Google, *How does Zoloft affect your metabolism* *Why does Zoloft make you gain weight?* *How long does it take to lose weight after Zoloft* *How long does it take to get Zoloft out of your system* *What are the side effects of quitting zoloft cold turkey....*
Yes... I went there.. I want this stuff OUT OF ME!!!!! It can't kill me right? I am sick of trying SO HARD to lose weight, the only way I know how (Atkins) and seeing NO results at all! Every day I stay away from the scale I tell myself surely I must be losing weight because this is how I lost it before.. and the longer I stay off the scale, the bigger weight loss I am going to see!

 I stepped on it this morning after No ZOLOFT for 4 days.. Induction level foods for 22 days... I gained 8 oz......................................


So, needless to say, I am a wreck right now emotionally and mentally because I decided I wanted Zoloft out of me ASAP, which has its adverse withdrawal effects, but I don't care, I will suffer through them and deal with it as it comes.. I am still taking my 1 mg of Klonopin for my anxiety each morning and my mood stabilizer... From what I have read, it may take over a month for my body to return to normal after quitting. I may not see any results from atkins for Another month??? Seriously?? And that is IF I am lucky, because I also quit smoking in June and I hear that lowers your metabolism by 10% (when you quit) So this whole experience is like a double whammy to me..

I am going to be the troubleshooter that I am and Stay ON the mood stabilizer and anti anxiety pills and IN Induction for now and wait about another month to see if I start Losing weight.. If I don't, I will most likely start talking to my doctor about a different medication for the anxiety.. as of yet, I have not found anything online about the Klonopin or Buspar stalling or preventing weight loss on Low Carb/Atkins.. But God forbid I don't start losing weight.

I can't wait till these withdrawal effects are done and over with, I feel horrible emotionally.. HORRIBLE!!! *sigh* I will just hang in there and see how I turn out in a month.. if I STILL can't kick the depression, I will speak with my doctor about other options that DO NOT mess with my weight...

Disclaimer: I know EVERYONE reacts differently to different medications, I lost 40 lbs successfully on lexapro quite a few years ago, while following low carb. I Also know some of you may be losing just fine on atkins AND Zoloft.. but I am not you. Also, I feel obligated to say this, When weening off of any medication, you should always work with your doctor in doing so. (just an FYI and admission to my Not following the rules)

UPDATE: ALSO.. please please please do NOT quit any medication, including ZOLOFT, cold turkey!! It was a horrible, ugly experience, emotionally mentally and physically.. I was literally in pain from the withdrawal effects.. I DID end up going back on Zoloft the day after this initial Blog, and ween myself properly. Do yourself and your family a favor and do NOT go COLD turkey!!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Ahhhh Atkins Induction..

A lot of us here are in our first or second week of induction, for some of us it is our first time, for others, we may have re-dedicated ourselves recently..  I think it is time to take a minute to understand what induction does for our bodies and how it works.

I have noticed a few posts about weighing in and having higher expectations, I am the queen of stepping off my scale feeling downhearted and defeated..

But what I am seeing here is I only lost X What can I do more? Why aren’t I losing faster? I lost x amount last week but only x this week.. am I doing something wrong?? I had a friend who lost 13 lbs in the first 2 weeks, why have I only lost 8?

Nothing. Everyone is different. No. and *shrug* lol just kidding, again, everyone is different.

The first week or so of induction you are mainly losing water weight..5-13 lbs I have seen… then you should see a decrease in the amount of weight you are losing weekly


Where Do the Drastic Weight Losses On Induction Mainly Come From?


The drastic weight losses seen on Induction come from glycogen and the water attached to that glycogen – the body’s form of carbohydrates stored in the liver (to keep blood glucose levels steady) and muscles (for quick energy purposes). That’s why we tend to lose a lot of weight the first week or two.


Some of those losses are body fat, but not much. Most of it comes from water as the body empties out about half of its fuel reserves. Those initial losses are not about metabolic resistance. They set the body up to switch metabolic pathways where we predominantly burn fats for fuel instead of glucose. With predominantly being the key word here.


Goals of Induction:

1) To induce “Ketosis,” a situation where fat metabolites show up in the urine and can be detected with Ketostix. Atkins likes ketosis as a sign that people are using fat for energy; however, people are going to have varying reactions to the Ketostix. When people are in a state of ketosis, their appetite tends to diminish. They also may have changes in their breath, as extra ketones are expelled from the lungs as well as the urine.

2) To stabilize blood sugar and the symptoms that may come from erratic blood sugar, such as fatigue, mood swings and “brain fog.” Reduction in food cravings is also often experienced.

3) Rapid weight loss. People tend to get a boost when they see the numbers on the scale drop rapidly.






Now take a look at this groups Induction losses..Look familiar?


Also an Article “Week 2 of Induction STILL not Losing weight”

If the fat is not coming off, the scale is not your friend, and your clothes are still too snug.... don't despair! First, double check your measurements. Some people lose inches without losing pounds. (This can happen in any phase of Atkins). If that's not the case, it just means you're amoung the small percentage of people whose bodies are somewhat resistant to shedding pounds, a condition commonly referred to as metabolic resistance. Like life, it's not fair, but we can help you overcome most of the reasons for this annoying tendancy.

Resistance to weight loss can occure for a number of reasons. Some can be influenced by changes in behavior or lifestyle. For example, if you are eating too much, you can learn to moderate your portions. If you are sedentary, you can find an exercise regimen that you enjoy and that suits your lifestyle. Individuals with very high insulin levels are likely to be slow starters meaning that they may lose very little weight (or none) until they have controlled carbs for a longer period of time than people with more normal insulin levels.

You may lose slowly in the week before your menstrual period. Cravings may also be aggravated during this time. Just be patient. Weight loss is likely to speed up once you have finished your menses.

Solving other problems, such as an underlying thyroid or use of medications that either make you gain weight or slow weight loss are more complex, but in concert with your doctor, you can seek solutions.

Then there are things that you simply cannot do anything about : Genetics and age are obviously beyond your control. So is hormonal status - menopause and perimenopause typically slow a woman's metabolism- or a sluggish thyroid. In such cases, you need to readjust your expectations. You may never get down to the weight you were as a younger person, OR it may take you longer than you originally hoped.

Another common reason for your body to resist weight loss is a history of going on and off diets, known as yo-yo dieting. When you get into a pattern of repeatedly losing and gaining weight, your body becomes adept at protecting it's fat stores by slowing down your metabolism.

additionally the book discusses medications can interfere with weight loss. Common culprits are :
drugs for high blood pressure
Remember: Check with your doctor before changing or stopping any medications. Talk to your doctor about alternatives.

So, if you are facing less than steady weight loss at this point, it just means that your body is a bit slower to release it's fat stores and your weight loss will likely be more gradual. If you are a slow loser, you may also experience frustrating stalls, when the pounds simply refuse to budge at all.

Be patient! Don't let it get you down, and by all means, don't give up!


Tuesday, January 15, 2013


You said you need me closest
As your words push me away
How can I promise you tomorrow
While you are burning our yesterdays?

Being broken..

Lately I have been searching through a different level of life.. While still trying to maintain my fast paced Momstyle.. I am also amidst one of the most uncomfortable situations in life.. A loved one dying of a terminal illness.
I would say The hardest part for me is taking the role of the strong one... the one who doesn't over react, the one who minimizes emotional reactions, the one reminding those neglecting themselves that they too need to take time for themselves.. And worst of all, through it all I hide and fight my own demons about death. I quietly share my idea if the spirit and shell of bodies we use for earth.. But also I am constantly being careful bit to say the wrong things at the wrong time which sometimes seems like an impossible task.

My thoughts of the day


by yours truly

First Day of Nursing School!

First day of Nursing school at Joliet Junior College's NEW state of the art facility.. I am actually honored to be a part of the very first group going into this new facility! I am feeling very optimistic now. I was just riddled with anxiety, fear, and/or excitement, but then in a conversation with my dad yesterday it came out of my mouth and was like an epiphany as it happened "I just find everyt...hing about the human body and the processes and the Mixture of Art, humanities and science that is Nursing So interesting. I cannot imagine a day of class that would ever be boring or make me fall asleep! I just feel so thirsty for this knowledge!"

And that is when I realized.. This is what I am meant to be.. I am Going to succeed because it is my destiny!!
It was a relief that the two professors I have had so far seem amazing... it truly felt like they Care that you excel, it really is a reflection on their teaching if those if us that made it into the program through the strainer don't pass.. So they Want to see us succeed, another cool thing, they are all just passionate about nursing and it shows in the way they talk to us and direct and guide us...
Nurses are just a special kind of person, you know what I mean, they need a heart and compassion on top of professionalism to do what they do, and these ladies have years of experience behind them in The field and they still love it.. It just really shows and they in no way treat us like a number, we are a reflection of their abilities, like their children.. I like that!!
I am very excited about what each day holds for me along this path!!

Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Missing you..

The last thing I can still hear in my head with your voice is you saying "who loves ya"? these are the first words you said to me after you found out the cancer was back and the fight was out of the doctors hands... YOU were comforting me, when I was speechless.. Through Your pain, you stopped to comfort ME.. I can see why God called you home.... But I wish there were a way to heal all these broken hearts you left behind.. we are all forever changed.. Now what we do with that change is completely in our hands.. Love you too Jim.