Monday, October 23, 2006

Chronicles of "The Messenger"

Most of you have read Messenger in the wind about this random message i received a few weeks back from the "Messenger of God"

He returned to me again today!

matthew mark: .
Thee_Goddess: hello
matthew mark: hello Goddess
Thee_Goddess: Hello messenger
Thee_Goddess: i have been helping you spread the meaage
Thee_Goddess: message
Thee_Goddess: for the first time i told a dear friend what god thinks of him
Thee_Goddess: dear
matthew mark: great, I need so much help
Thee_Goddess: well you have it hear friend
matthew mark: its hard to find someone that loves talking about the saviour
Thee_Goddess: sometimes we r afraid.. of rejection
Thee_Goddess: but i have the lord who will not reject me
Thee_Goddess: so i will reach out for him
matthew mark: thats so wonderful to hear you say that
Thee_Goddess: can i help you today messenger?
matthew mark: please
Thee_Goddess: what can i help you with?
matthew mark: I need you to share the Lords love to everyone you know
matthew mark: give that special love to your children
Thee_Goddess: you know matthew, i lead an open modest life
Thee_Goddess: many people who come into my life claim me to be an angel
matthew mark: and what do you say ?
Thee_Goddess: and i tell them, im just working for god
matthew mark: do you know what an angel is ?
Thee_Goddess: he has given me the gift to have people open up to me very quickly
Thee_Goddess: no i do not
matthew mark: an angel is a messenger
matthew mark: from heaven
Thee_Goddess: =)
matthew mark: to let people know about Jesus
matthew mark: a messenger came to mary to tell her that she would give birth to the saviour
Thee_Goddess: i have been sharing messages lately
Thee_Goddess: overwhelming to me
matthew mark: wonderful
Thee_Goddess: that i Had to tell the person
matthew mark: I see a love that comes from you
matthew mark: share it with the world because it can only come from Jesus
Thee_Goddess: i know this
Thee_Goddess: i want to love like him
matthew mark: thats great news
matthew mark: He needs you to let Him know this
Thee_Goddess: i do not know how to let him know messenger
Thee_Goddess: me and my children almost got sideswiped by a big truck today
Thee_Goddess: out of nowhere
Thee_Goddess: and i said outloud Thank you God for wathing over me
matthew mark: He loves you so much
matthew mark: He heard your cry
matthew mark: I must leave at this moment for my time is short
Thee_Goddess: I was not scared.. only Spoke out.. Thank you god
Thee_Goddess: until next time
matthew mark: God bless you Goddess
Thee_Goddess: message anytime

So as he wished.. I am telling each of you this day.. God loves you.. like a father.. through right and wrong.. he is Always there waitingfor you to come Home.

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