Wednesday, October 11, 2006


Running for shelter from this storm
Don’t you want to dance with me?
You have searched.. You have called
You have knocked on this door time and time again
Endless nights with no reply
And you stand here Still remembering that silence
When so many words are flowing into the wind
So much is being seen
Finally given that open door..
The one that has been locked for centuries
What lies inside is unexplainable
Too broken for words…
Too powerful for understanding
But she stands..
Blood stained sword
Bruised by time
Scarred by her battles
But here her eyes are so full of life
Her fire not stolen by her failures but fueled by her destiny
Her passion to Endure
The one that has fought through Ages to come to this place
For this one moment preserved in the books of destiny
Holding your hand, but not to lead you astray
Not to lead you to any other place than where your heart remains
No intentions
Only aspirations of the unknown
To sit by the fire you have prepared and dream..
To see the burning embers of the past
Building upon your strengths
Understanding your weaknesses
A goddess brought to her knees
You have heard her whispers
Now she is listening for your reply

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