Friday, October 06, 2006

Not mine.

I have faced my demons..
Found my strength to make it alright
I have lived up to my end of giving in
Your lips have become so cold
Even if i still feel warmth in your touch
It does not belong to me anymore
I can see it in your eyes
You will say goodbye in the morning
And nothing is alright
We are only borrowing time
To hold one another once again
To find a place of comfort to hide
While we are both so torn on the inside
So life is out there still waiting for our return
We are holding onto the past.. hesitant to let go
Too weak to hold on
Too broken to repair the wrong
Im not ashamed to cry
Yeah it hurts baby
You know it
I know it
I cant give back the unspoken promises
I cant take away the unexpected pain
I cannot be a better person then
Like the one i want to be now
I have rethought my strategies
and im taking them packing with me
I loved you too late
I have to stop wondering where we would be
I have to lay to rest my thoughts of holding you
Your not the man I should have given my heart to
I changed you into a memory of what could have been
I changed your arms into a place i used to be
I changed your heart into disaster..
One woman cannot clean up the mess i have made
Well, maybe someone more worth while
But your fighting me like the enemy
Your defenses are too strong for me
I have to stop wondering where you will go
You have made it clear.. i do not want to know
Why am i still begging to lie with you?
Why am i lying to my heart right now?
Maybe i just think you will feel better thinking i am gone
Maybe I believe you will heal.. if i just leave you alone
I dont want to walk away
So i fight you every step of the way
The tears are falling as You push me to the door
There is nothing left of me that you want anymore
I have been on your side before
I have walked 10000 miles in your shoes
But he was never who I have become
He walked away with a smile
Happy to be in his new place
Pleased to be rid of me
Never looked back at what he had lost
Never risked himself to bring me back together
So i say I cant make sense of it
I say I do not want to go
I beg you please and you tell me No
Remember.. You said I do no want to know!
I am lost now, but you know where to find me
If ever you find yourself
and decide your not what you want to be
without me!

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