Friday, October 20, 2006

The only war

So this mistake has become your strength
Leaning on its lesson
Learning from its existance

I could have been giving in
Instead i was looking away
past what i wanted to see
What stands before me

from where i return to you
Searching for what you already have
forgotten where you misplaced it
did you even know it was there?

Place in me a forbidden dream
Breath into me unspoken words
Walking into your room
leaving my coat at the door
Leaving everything behind
to stand there unprotected in your eyes
and yet you still bind me
My words.. my weapons
You do not wish me to speak
to wage this war upon your soul
So i wait.. surely you will let curiosity get the best of you
Surely you will wonder what it is i was sent here to say
You hate me because You love me
Because you view your emotions as a weakness
You think they make you vulnerable
So you have hidden them from the world
Perhaps i am dillusional
BUt that look in your eyes was not lust my friend
That look was a hunger
One you have supressed for too long
You are dying to be alive
Denying the one thing you crave
You are searching to face the pain of death
before you face the one you have fallen for
You desire to run from me
To stop what you know has begun
But you thirst for just this taste
Know you not this sip is poison
That you will not escape its effect
It will take you.. and place me within your soul
I am here already my love...
Won't you invite me in?
You have spoken your Aversion
But I have seen your hands tremble with my touch
expressed your concerns..
after breathing in my kiss
i thought you could not see me
Now i know you can
Pacing on the floor
touching your hand to your mouth
Remembering what it was that ran through you when our lips would touch
You want it.. don't you?
You want to be where you once were..
Where i lay over you and disolve your every doubt
In that moment you know where you belong
When the world would vanish and only we would appear
You walk over to me.. place your hand in my hair..
you try to ignore the tears in my eyes
For surely it cannot be real
but they are..
and it drains you...
because you do not want to believe
what your heart tells you is true
Some things we cannot conceive
Some things are better left unsaid
You kneel before me.. and lay your head on my legs
You can feel i tremble to touch you
I can feel you trembling too
Fighting for your composure
Scrambling to rebuild your walls
Just let it fall love..
Let it fall
I am not here to abandon you
I am here..
Declaring my defeat
Waiting for you to lie with me
Defeated and in love
The only war..
Only one person can fight
but two people can conquer.

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