Thursday, October 12, 2006

A messenger in the wind...

So i come home from work today and i get a random message...

A simple dot from the_messenger_12003

Those who know me.. know i believe god uses the number 23 in many combos to Grab my attention.. to say hey.. look at what is happening right now in your life..

So immediately i checked this profile

Occupation- Messenger of God

So i immediately try to reply to no answer... then 20 mins later A reply in the silence...

(this shit only happens to me)

Thee_Goddess: please tell me who you are
matthew mark: it is not important who I am, what is important is that you know who you are
Thee_Goddess: then how did you find me
Thee_Goddess: and why? 123
Thee_Goddess: god knows those numbers get my attention
matthew mark: I am not God
Thee_Goddess: i am not saying that
matthew mark: I am a messenger of God
Thee_Goddess: so give me my message
Thee_Goddess: i am ready
matthew mark: you know the message
Thee_Goddess: i should know the message
Thee_Goddess: i have been doing his work for some time now
matthew mark: Jesus knows when you are down and weary
matthew mark: He holds you so dearly in His heart
Thee_Goddess: i know he does
Thee_Goddess: and he is in mine
matthew mark: I have come today to let you know that He loves you more than life itself
matthew mark: He wants to hear from you
Thee_Goddess: what more can i say to him
matthew mark: what do you want to say to him, open your heart
Thee_Goddess: i say everything i want to say to him
Thee_Goddess: my heart is open to him and the world
Thee_Goddess: i am in your line of work messenger
matthew mark: thats great news
Thee_Goddess: surprised you did not know but i take a different approach
matthew mark: I am not hear for long, I have many to tend to
Thee_Goddess: what if i said i need you
Thee_Goddess: then you would leave?
matthew mark: remember this day for the Lord needs you
matthew mark: I am always here but it is the Lord you must speak to
matthew mark: He promises to never leave nor forsake you
Thee_Goddess: he is the only one
Thee_Goddess: i know this
Thee_Goddess: that will never leave nor forsake me
matthew mark: yes
matthew mark: he is constant in His love for you
Thee_Goddess: again.. the only one
Thee_Goddess: i am certain
Thee_Goddess: yet i wonder why you have been sent
Thee_Goddess: I am strong in my faith walk
matthew mark: have you read his word today, He is trying to speak to you
Thee_Goddess: The only word i have read by him is in your profile
matthew mark: He will only be silent if you silence Him
matthew mark: you have not His words ?
matthew mark: BIBLE
Thee_Goddess: i have 2 of them right in front of me
matthew mark: I thought so
matthew mark: you are a beautiful child of His
Thee_Goddess: thank you
matthew mark: take care my child
matthew mark: my heart and His love be with you always
Thee_Goddess: indeed...
Thee_Goddess: good luck with the others
Thee_Goddess: its rough out there

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