Friday, October 06, 2006

Walk not Run!

Im so tired of running
I just want to love without reserve
This life is faltering
These words are bleeding from my heart
Nothing is going to stop this from coming
Every moment lasting just a second longer without you
Turn away from what you will
I cant stand in your way
There is a truth that i see
Pouring out from the shadows of where hearts fall
Breathing is not supposed to be an effort
I take you there with me tonight
I feel you in my passion
I sense you in my words
I write in your honor and make love to your mind
I am submissive to your demands
Take me as you will
Dont let me stand
You know not what you risk
I am ready to run
Far from where you cry
Every day is and up and down battle
Fighting for what i have known
Waiting to see what I do not
Holding on to a memory left by each nightly dream
Feeling so alive when i am left smiling in the dark
Through the tears of defeat i try to
Lift something so much stronger than what i am
Im not hear to fight
You have done your best to break me down
There is not room for breathing here
Only suffocation in the air so heavy from what has passed
Im ready to walk away
I have seized the last bit of strength for this journey
Who will take my hand as I learn to walk this time?
How can I try when only you will stand behind ?
How can I learn if all i know is You?
I have a fear of becoming
What i will, when you are gone

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