Saturday, October 28, 2006

The art of Capture

BounD and BrokeN...
FalLeN and ConTenT...

I have no power here..
You have handed me your simplicities
and i complicate them with insanity
Reaching for the hour glass.. trying to turn it on its side only to preserve a moment..
I shatter it upon the floor and watch the sands fall around me
Clumsily I wonder what will become of my past
Now where will time go.. where will the moments be captured?
Released what was not to be free
Freed.. what was not to be unconfined
So we watch grasping into the air as the memories pass by
Trying to collect what is left of who we were
Holding them tight against our chest as we try to take
them back into ourselves one by one
Have we time to be picky?
To decide what will be saved and what shall be lost?
Imagine the mess created in the simple mistake
What all will be lost if we so choose to let the anger pass us by?
Who will we become if the heartache is ignored?
What will be left if the tears were all erased?
If it does not hurt any longer.. was it really pain at all?
If you can take it in and breath at the same time..
WHat had left you near death.. Brought you closer to life
Would you try harder to not walk away
KNowing what it has made of you
So many nights.. i hear the cries, they are no longer my own
But i have sat in that solitude
I have CRied out to no one
Perhaps you had heard me from afar
But those days are gone.. for now
Pushing myself to the brink of losing it all
Finding myself lying on the floor
seperated from reality
Watching the world laugh at me
watching them cry
Questioning the breakdown of such beauty
Asking how can this be fair..
Such goodness.. wasted
But have I been a waste all along?
Has my suffering been in vain?
To no end.. leaving no reward
I see you
Looking at me now
You think this is what people Should be
You think great hearts like this are one in a million
So this time you can hear the truth
This time you are not alone
Suffered for this fate to understand.. where You are now
Pained for the ability to hold you.. to speak with a heart strengthened by blindness
Blind to what may come
Blind to what result may be perceived in time
There is no need to look further than this day
There is nothing gained in ending what you have in your own mind
Loss is not where the real failure begins
It is where we have not lived in the moment
Where we did not stop to feel
To capture the sweet essence within ourselves
Where the hour glass cannot even recreate what existed

Stop yourself today..

There is something you are missing..
Something you may no longer see that exists so gently in your day
Reach out and find it..
Touch it
Hold onto it..
Capture your moments while they are still here

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