Friday, October 13, 2006


Maybe the worst is you are doing fine
Maybe the truth is.. you are not looking back
That your best is yet to come
That I am no longer in your dreams
You had imagined me saying goodbye in yesterday
You have let this wind take you away
Maybe this was not a mistake afterall
Maybe you will be alright

Maybe the worst is you feel no pain
Maybe the truth is.. it doesnt matter anyway
That i can never be your best friend
That you could simply walk away
You have picked up all your things
You have taken back your keys
Maybe your taken back for a moment
Maybe there is nothing left to take

Maybe the worst is we are moving on
Maybe the truth is.. we are already gone
That you do not want forever
That i will not settle for right now
We are stuck here cleaning the mess I have made
We are battling truth in every way
Maybe you are just being kind
Maybe I am still being blind

Maybe the worst is i am breaking for you
Maybe the truth is.. I do not deserve to
That I can never take away your pain
That the best of us is gone
I am trying so hard to let this be
I am taking so much.. in fighting me
Maybe it was over before it began
Maybe we will never understand

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