Wednesday, November 01, 2006

matthew mark: .
Thee_Goddess: hello matthew
matthew mark: hello Katie
Thee_Goddess: with the infamous opening "."
matthew mark: you like that ?
Thee_Goddess: it is definately unique
Thee_Goddess: as opposed to the usual ...
matthew mark: yes
matthew mark: Jesus is also unique
matthew mark: he comes to us in a whisper
matthew mark: His love takes us by surprise
matthew mark: He is never loud an obnoxious
Thee_Goddess: true
matthew mark: how is your lifes journey going ?
Thee_Goddess: i am not sure.. the past few days i have felt emptiness
matthew mark: may I ask why ?
Thee_Goddess: not happy not sad.. just empty
Thee_Goddess: i do not know why
matthew mark: have you searched within to find the answer ?
Thee_Goddess: i dont think i want to know what i would find
Thee_Goddess: so.. no
Thee_Goddess: i havent
matthew mark: oh but God does not want us to feel empty
matthew mark: He wants our cup to always be full
Thee_Goddess: i know what he wants and i know how i feel
Thee_Goddess: im ashamed because i cannot control it
matthew mark: dont be ashamed
Thee_Goddess: i feel like pushing the world away and hiding
matthew mark: I understand what you are saying
matthew mark: and so does the Lord
matthew mark: being human is dealing with alot of emotions
Thee_Goddess: yes, that is very true
matthew mark: I am not here but for a moment
Thee_Goddess: sometimes it feels like i am on a treadmill running and getting nowhere
matthew mark: to reach out to you
matthew mark: let me ask you a question
Thee_Goddess: ok
matthew mark: when you feel this way, do you reach out for help or try to take it on by yourself ?
Thee_Goddess: well.. 99% of the time i have taken it on alone.. Only Once did i reach out for help.. when my ex fiance abandoned me. he killed me inside.. I knew if i didnt reach out.. i may lead myself to death
matthew mark: let me share something with you
matthew mark: when Jesus died on the cross, did you know that his suffering was more than any man ever could bare ?
matthew mark: He was all alone
matthew mark: not a soul did care for Him
matthew mark: but
Thee_Goddess: i dont believe no one cared forhim
Thee_Goddess: his folowers.. his mother
Thee_Goddess: they were pained
matthew mark: they all forsake Him
matthew mark: thats not saying they didnt love Him
matthew mark: but they forsake Him
matthew mark: He was all alone that day
matthew mark: but
matthew mark: Your name was mentioned
matthew mark: He did it all because He had you on his mind
matthew mark: not just all the world but YOU
matthew mark: His suffering was because of His great love
Thee_Goddess: wow
matthew mark: whats your purpose Katie?
matthew mark: to suffer ?
matthew mark: no
Thee_Goddess: to spread love
Thee_Goddess: his love
matthew mark: OH, I love you so
matthew mark: you bring tears to my eyes
Thee_Goddess: and you to mine
matthew mark: you have a gift
matthew mark: your gift is your love
Thee_Goddess: is.
matthew mark: handed to you by Jesus
matthew mark: take good care of it
Thee_Goddess: of course i will.. i do not want it taken away
matthew mark: for without your spreading your love this world would be so empty
Thee_Goddess: you think so?
matthew mark: I am indeed so impressed by your words
Thee_Goddess: i can only touch so many
matthew mark: but thats the key
matthew mark: you can only touch so many
matthew mark: but
matthew mark: it spreads
matthew mark: like wildfire
Thee_Goddess: like a ripple in the water
matthew mark: OH katie
Thee_Goddess: me being the drop
matthew mark: you say it with such feeling
matthew mark: My heart is so overjoyed with your presence
Thee_Goddess: i am glad someone enjoys me in my times ofhiding
Thee_Goddess: but i could not hide from you
matthew mark: dont hide
matthew mark: let your light so shine
matthew mark: I wish all that I talked to would knew this love that you have
matthew mark: its amazing
Thee_Goddess: they only need to open their hearts messenger because i would freely share it
matthew mark: people have hard hearts
matthew mark: they want many things
Thee_Goddess: true.. i have met many.. but have softened it through time
matthew mark: thats what its all about
matthew mark: softening hearts
Thee_Goddess: they see me as real.. then when they get to know me .. they see the unreal and begin to believe.. there Is more
Thee_Goddess: i am so thankful for each person i have touched
matthew mark: when Jesus died for you and you received Him, was your heart softened ?
Thee_Goddess: yes
Thee_Goddess: i cried in the presence of many and they cried with me
matthew mark: HIs love was like a warm blanket on a fridget night
matthew mark: yes, Jesus brings us to tears for His love is like no others
Thee_Goddess: it took away all my doubts
Thee_Goddess: all my failure
Thee_Goddess: became just part of my path
Thee_Goddess: the weakening and strengthening of my soul
Thee_Goddess: pain.. to know life
matthew mark: please
matthew mark: dont feel emty
matthew mark: stay the course
matthew mark: keep the faith
matthew mark: call out to Him
Thee_Goddess: it hurts
matthew mark: He does not want you to feel this emptiness
Thee_Goddess: i know what he wants
matthew mark: always reach to Him
Thee_Goddess: how can i question that
Thee_Goddess: how cn i feel proud of this feeling
matthew mark: you know
matthew mark: the answers are within
matthew mark: I must leave you for now
Thee_Goddess: =matthew mark: but I am so glad you shared yourself with me today
matthew mark: its always a pleasure when the Lord sends me your way
matthew mark: dont let your eartly emotions destroy your heavenly heart
Thee_Goddess: i will get through
matthew mark: I know
matthew mark: God bless you Katie, you are an inspiration
Thee_Goddess: Thank you Matthew
Thee_Goddess: you should listen to rescue by Desperation Band
Thee_Goddess: It just came to me
Thee_Goddess: I have to listen to it now
Thee_Goddess: it helps heal my soul
Thee_Goddess: do you have it messenger?>
Thee_Goddess: I will share it
Thee_Goddess: I need to share it
matthew mark: we all need things that help us thru
matthew mark: yes, please share it
Thee_Goddess: thank you
matthew mark: I must leave for now, I hope your glass fills to the rim so there is no room for emptiness
Thee_Goddess: *nod*
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Desperation Band - Rescue.mp3

Thee_Goddess: My pleasure.. i hope you find what i found inside listening
Thee_Goddess: =)
Thee_Goddess: Take Care
matthew mark: You also take care
matthew mark: I LOVE YOU KATIE
Thee_Goddess: =)

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