Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Aries Taurus Cusp

A few years ago I found out that I was born on a cusp, which solidified my disdain for being associated with some of the qualities or traits of a Taurus. I just did't feel it fit me in so many ways.. the worst part was always *enjoys the finer things in life* Truly that is not me, I enjoy the simple things in life... ir *materialistic* Yes this too bothered me, because I am quite the opposite...lucky for me, I have been given a new set of astrological traits that I amazingly have found to be agreeable to a better extent than ever before.

April 19 to April 24
Individuals born on the Aries-Taurus cusp have a dominant personality… you always know when they are in the room. They can make quite an impression on those around them. Their forceful personalities make them good leaders when they choose to be. They are also commonly found climbing the corporate ladder, becoming well known freelancers or running any situation, whether it is at home or in business.
Aries-Taurus does not like to submit to the authority of others. They must beware of being overwhelmed by their own ambition. They are conflicted between their Aries and Taurus counterparts. Aries wishes them to be impulsive, energetic and intuitive, while Taurus is practical, sensuous and well-grounded. This may cause conflicts between practicality and dreams. In some cases, Aries-Taurus Cusp works well, with Taurus tempering the fiery boldness of Aries to a strong, determined realism. They may, at times, show a lack of emotional sensitivity that may be alarming to some.
Aries-Taurus must fight their immovable nature with their forceful nature. It may take a long time for them to reach a balance that works well for them. They will need to learn to support their wish for stability with their aggressive side.
Aries-Taurus is good at strategizing; allowing them to overcome what may seem like overwhelming odds. If they follow their instinct, they will know precisely when the right time is to act. Taurus helps Aries to plan each detail in preparation for their goal, so they almost always succeed.

Aries-Taurus should learn to sit back and watch sometimes so they don't overwhelm others. It is difficult for them to sit back and watch others do tasks when they know they can do it better. If they can keep the feelings of others in mind, they will fare well.
They enjoy challenges of all kinds, whether it is in business, sports or intellectual areas. They play as hard as they work. They are known to be flirtatious, bold, opinionated, strong, quiet, talented, sensitive, humorous, money-oriented, eloquent, dependable, practical, patient, aggressive, helpful, aloof, stubborn, jealous, moody, fickle, over-sensitive, quarrelsome and changeable. Quite a handful, aren't they?
The Aries-Taurus Cusp is also known as the Cusp of Power. You can probably see why when they have so much going for them. They have the amazing ability to get into a project and really run with it all the way to its conclusion.
They enjoy doing things for their family and friends, but it is easy to let this get out of hand. They prefer to follow their own instincts rather than follow the rules. This can cause trouble if they are not cautious. They may think they know it all, but they'll get along better if they don't act like it. While plans that go awry make them really annoyed, when they use a practical bent to their tasks, it generally works out better.
Those born on the Aries-Taurus cusp may be mechanically inclined, with the ability to stick with the job long enough to figure out any problems that arise.


No matter what I do, I am always going to be the wrong one, the victim, the punching bag..
Being judged from the outside, by people who have no clue what I witness and struggle through each day.. and I am expected to show love and compassion while i'm being beaten down emotionally, spiritually, mentally?? I'm supposed to suppress my own emotion out of..respect?
When you start to loose faith in humanity.. Take a look around At the humans you surround yourself with...

Thursday, November 01, 2012

Don't wake me...

Please don’t try to wake me
Just leave me here, leave me be
I always lose him when I open my eyes
Id rather be lost in this memory
My heart only beats through shallow breaths of sleep
Please don’t come searching within my soul
There is nothing to see, move along
Dare not to wonder what went wrong
Just turn off the light, walk away
Pretend you never saw me this way
Please don’t ask me to try to stand
You can show me nothing I have not seen
No place to take me I have not been
I’ve Already reached for a lovers hand
Dared to dance, already ran
My heart only beats through shallow breaths of sleep
Please don’t think you can change the way I feel
For once I had believed that true love was real
But now I rest on shattered ground
Run quickly from this wreckage found
Please don’t wonder why I have become a perfect waste
I could love you until I am full..
But I am no longer able to taste
So please, don’t try to wake me
As long as I am sleeping, I am being held in his arms
As long as I am able to dream, I don’t have to hurt
I am still dancing when I Close my eyes
He whispers my name to silence my cries
In dream I never have to know he left me sleeping
…in the dirt
I bid you farewell one last time
There is nothing here left to keep
I am serving this sentence
For someone else’s crime
My heart left barely beating
…through shallow breaths of sleep
-Catherine D.