Thursday, September 21, 2006


I am content to let you stumble
I am content to let you shine
I am content you have your dreams
Although they are not mine

Do you see these eyes.. they belong to you
Just say the words
Do you feel this heart.. It stops for you
Everytime you walk away

Come to me my love
Let me hold you into the night
Allow me to drift you into this place between you and where you want to be
Fall asleep in my arms and forget the world
Only you are allowed to see

Only you can come here with me

Dont lose all your hopes in where we can go
I am right here.. trying tell help you
Don't forget who i want to be
I fell but i am not fallen

Don't look away so fast
Turn around and think about how we used to love each new day
Too little too late
Too much left to walk away

We used to laugh
We used to let our looks linger
We used to wake up in one anothers arms.. holding on till the last minute
We used to be bad for eachother.. when things were good
We used to be the one thing right when everything was going wrong

I wont let you fall away

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