Friday, September 15, 2006

Its ok.

Its national suicide awareness week... so i wrote something for those that dont know.. someone out there cares.. even if you dont know their name.

Im not alright and its ok.. this world was meant to be this way
Through the trials we find a small glimmer of peace..
In the eyes of our children.
In the touch of our Lover.
In the words of our Parents.
In the random call from our friend.
So the percentage of shadow has overcome the light
The light only shines that much more
Like the sun reaching through the clouds
Seemingly creating a pathway from the heavens to our earth
The struggle has become so beautiful.. to know in the end all will be fine
Laugh through the tears
Cry through the happiness
Stay confused in his words
But feel what is being said..
dont forget to feel every rain drop falling to your skin
Dont forget to close your eyes as he takes your hand and remember how you felt at that very moment.. another human life reached out to touch you.. to let you know he is thinking about you.. even when no words are spoken.. That in that instant.. You were loved.
Dont forget to stop your child in the middle of an ever on going speach they seem to always make and wrap your arms around them.. "Whisper I love you"
Take your moments.. they belong to you and they pass us by every second we breath
Choose your words wisely but always speak from your heart.. no matter what!
You may leave a line of bleeding hearts.. but arent we all bleeding as well.
You may set worlds on fire.. and thats ok.. because the ashes we create will blow away with the wind.. spreading themselves throughout the world... Your memory will be alive in the hearts of many..
Dont allow yourself to be forgotten.. dont become someone that You dont even know.
Take one more chance.. every time you can
Speak one last word.. if ever a soul wishes to hear you.
Know your past.. but learn your future..
Dont let your mistakes become your destiny
Dont let your heart become weak... its the only one you have
Dont allow your soul to become lost
Its ok to be lost.. its ok..
You cant run from yourself.. you only have to realize that what you wish to become is inside of you..
This world will hurt you.. it will break you down..
You will be shattered... and torn
But you can pull together all the pieces again and be free
Dont be afraid to love again.. remember You deserve to feel.
You deserve to Live.
You've been on this road for some time now..
You dont know where it goes but I promise it wont lead to nowhere
Follow the wind and you will find your way.

"Alot of people love you, You just think they are all wrong".

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