Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Taken Away.

Your driving me insane.. pushing me away as i try to cling to what is left
Hardly a word spoken between us and i wait for more
Be patient.. im losing myself waiting for you to come back
Im forgetting the man i love
Your trying to remember why you love me
Jaded you no longer care
Jaded.. you casually listen to my pleas of my missing you
I only wait to hold you
.. to see you smile once again at me
I wait to breathe in your presence feel your breathe on my skin
I am standing outside your door.. standing in the rain waiting for you to let me in
To wrap your arms around me..
tell me everything is goingto be alright
Wrap your arms around me and be silent
Im tired baby
Im tired of living outside of you
Im tired of holding you in my dreams
and waking only to have it all taken away!

I miss you!

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