Friday, September 29, 2006

Pull me through!

I started this fucking mess in my head
I turned around and realized what i had done
would haunt me like death haunts the mortals
Walkin in the daylight i look up to the horizon and smile
that this is for me
That this life this love has come into my day
I smile when i think of how it could have been
I find myself smiling at strangers as they pass by.. because he is on my mind
I find myself laughing with security that i may be silly but he loves me for who i am
That there is no motive
No underlying desire to possess me for a short while
To obtain me.. only to release me when the butterflies have flown away
He speaks in actions.. with his eyes.. his touch
there are no lines to read between
No mistakes in his kiss
No worries between his fingers as they are entwined in mine..
I cannot want anymore
I wont linger outside of these lines
I am here for good.. for the bad
When will this shame leave my heart
I have followed it when the time was wrong
Pulled in what i felt and left behind what i wanted
Does anyone know how to love themselves?
Is it a myth?
An unnattainable goal... we all strive to achieve
But cannot begin to perceive
But shouldnt we be able to find ourselves
before we can fall in love with who we are?
You know me..
You love who i am
Only you can see who i am..
You love me even though you know i can be weak
Not for my strengths but for everything i am to you
You accept me.. because you do not Have to
You need me, because I will be the light in your darkened world..
No matter what
And you know that
You can Depend on that
The one thing you can depend on that can break at any moment
Yet so easily rebuilt and given hope
Simple words.. Simple moments
You have given me a smile from my tears
You have reminded me of WHY
You stopped me from my downward spiral and threw me a rope to hold onto
WIped away my tears with your love
For the day I will breath easily knowing you are still here with me
For my life I will have to find you in my memories if you no longer hear me

Dedicated to Stephanie

For reminding me of who I am.. when I can no longer remember!

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