Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Tucked away for another day...

I am resting.
Feeling the warmth surround me
Brought in from the cold
Embraced by the light of his eyes
I can't let go of this glance
I dont want to move..
Just lay here forever
Do you feel that?
I can
I don't have a prayer in this matter
They have all been answered
Not heaven.. but Reality
It is not our time for that
Who would have known?
I dont want to be taken away..
I want to live one day short of your life
I want to dance with you in front of our grandchildren
I want to sing to you at our 50th wedding anniversary
I want to hold your hand in the hospital as our future changes
I want to sit with you night after night, going through the picture book of our memories..
I want to laugh with you after our hair goes silver
I want to kiss you while you are asleep.. every night that passes by for the rest of our lives
I want to see you smile when you are proud of something you have done
I want to hear your voice when you need to talk
I want to comfort you and wipe away your tears, when times arent so good
I want to stand beside you.. work beside you.. To make ourselves a home
I know things wont always be easy
They have never been easy to now and I dont expect that to change
But with you, I can smile through them
With you, I can see they will pass.. but you will always be there
I want to give you the eyes of your own blood.. but only if your ever ready
I want to walk beside you.. to the altar.. and under God.. Vow my faithfulness and dedication to your life and mine
I want my Father to give me to you.
I want to Slowdance with You, My husband.. and rest my head on your shoulder with tears in my eyes, Knowing you are mine forever..
I want to Have that One night where forever truly begins
I want to laugh at our families getting drunk and crazy.. Together!
God that is going to be so funny
I want my little sister to be my Maid of Honor..
Our Nu Nu to be the ring bearer
Our Informer and chatterbox to throw flowers down the aisle
You wont read this for months.. maybe years to come.. but i dont see the end.. this is what i want to see..
I want bill to put on a tux and tell you he loves you and this isnt Kate..hehe
I want my brother Rick to see his sister truly happy.. finally! And I know he will see it in my eyes.. he knows me better than anyone
I want to say I love you, and know you really Know I do love you.
I want to be the only woman your eyes search for until the end
I want to walk into the room and take your breath away
I want you to be the happiest man alive.. for the rest of your life
I want you to sing to me on our wedding night.. I know just seeing you go up there will make me start to cry
Hell i cant really think of a time I wont be crying that night
I want to see my mom dancing with my dad
I want Shari to get drunk and crazy and scare the hell out of everyone as we Laugh.. because we knew it would happen and we all placed bets
I want to follow you when you are strong.. and lead you when you are weak
I want to breathe you in forever
I want to miss you when we are apart.. and know you are missing me too
I want to smile each time you walk in the door, like I havent seen you in years
I want to make love to you as your bride... The one woman that will never leave your side
I want to capture every moment we can.. because this life is all we have
and I plan to live it that way

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