Friday, September 22, 2006


Someone is out there right now
Sitting.. waiting for something
For someone
How could the world have forgotten you?
What makes you so un-important?
Someone is waiting for an answer right now
Hoping she will be the thing he needs
That her helpless calls will not go unanswered
Only she knows this silence
Only her heart will falter if he walks away from her desperate requests
Alone she will self sooth
Alone she will do everything in her power to make her heart stop hurting
It doesnt seem too bright
She has crossed this line before..
She has reached out time and time again
to be left just that.. reaching
Reaching out so far until she looses control and falls on her face
Spits the blood from her lip..
Breathes into the dirt..
Clenches her fists full of the ground she is hugging
Then she lays her head to recollect herself for a while...
Allowing her body to go limp..
On the brink of wishing she didnt have to stand
She is bruised all over from carelessly chasing him..
Running into whatever gets in between her and where she wants to be
The pain is only temporary
She is aware that once she lets go.. she will surely heal
No promises of forever this time
No one to get in her way but herself
Roll over and look at the sky
Look at it
Those stars shine for you
The moon shines to light your way..
But you need to open your eyes
The path is simple.. try to be more careful with where you step
Take your time.. Take your moment
Then pull yourself up and try again..
Just dont ever give up.

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