Friday, September 29, 2006

Can we?

Baby dont let them take me away
Im trying to hold on
Im trying to find where I belong
They say its too late
Its time to go
But i want to stay..
Just a while longer
Hold me tight
Dont let them take me
I just got here
I just fell into your arms
I just started to get comfortable
Free spirit.. no need to fly from here
Let me walk with you
I can teach you how to be free
Spend the little moments forgetting the world
Carrying on in ways only we believe
Protect me from this world
The hurtful things they say
Tell me im doing ok
Tell me everything is going to be alright
Hold me...
Dont let me out of your sight
Say you want to see me forever
And when i run ahead and look back
Say you will always be there
Right behind me
When i think ive lost it all.. remind me I have not lost you
Hold the sunshine over my head
Carry the moonlight by my side
Watch the rain fall With me
Stay out here with me.. it wont hurt
Stand here by this stream..
Let me jump in..
Splash you with my love for everything you are
Im taking you to my place
The place i seen myself alone
And now you are here with me
I trust you to be Alone.. With me
Shhh.. dont tell them where we are
Remember that list of things to do?
What could be more important than just being me and you?
So you want to start living..
Whats stopping you from throwing your hands up in the air
Taking me into your arms and dancing to no music as you sing in my ear?
Im ready when you are..
Want me to go hide.. so you can find me all over again?
We have chewed on the bitter and sampled the sweet
I dont want to wait to begin
Could this be?
If you were the moon, I would be the sky surrounding you.. Illuminated by its presence
If you were the rain, I would be the desert sands thirsting for your falling
If you were the sun, I would be the earth, Bathing in your glory, striving from your existance.. to fall apart if you were to disappear
You bring that balance into my life..
You take the meaning of my life and make it that much more beautiful
With you.. there is balance
A calm sense of Being thankful that we are not meant to be alone
Lets run baby..
leave this world behind.. Make our own..
Live our dreams..
Fight our fears..
Can we?

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