Friday, September 22, 2006

Tell me.

Tell me you love me...
What are you waiting for?
Tell me you are ready to hold me...
Is it so hard to push open that door?
(Let me help you we can do this together)
Show me where you are taking me
Ill pack our things and go
Show me who you want to be
Ill reserve a place in my heart
Someone Loves you
I know you dont think so
You never have to be alone
You never have to go
Tell me Im all you have wanted
Ill give you everything I am
Tell me your so tired of being Alone
Ill take you by your hand
Tell me You miss me
I'll show you what it is you were missing
Say you want to stay
Ill take you in my arms to pull you through this thing
I know I am difficult
I place my finger over your lips
I know I make you weak
You dont need to say a word
Allow your eyes to speak.

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