Monday, September 18, 2006

I have no place to ask him how he feels
I cant go on holding on to something that is no longer there
I have no right loving him.. asking him to come back
I am afraid i have helped him create a wall to keep me out.
To protect himself from being hurt
Will i have the strength to let him go?
What have i done?
Im not the only one in this world who has made such a mistake..
but i feel so alone
I dont know where to turn except away
To hide away from the world
To sit here with my guilt and shame
Tea time with the enemies
Im listening to my heart and it wants me to reach for him
while everyone else tells me to let him go
To face up to what i have done. To learn from my mistake and to move on
So im not supposed to think about him any more?
Who could possibly say that?
What kind of idiot out there thinks that is an option?
I never knew this day would come..
I never knew it would hurt like this
Could i promise myself to stop crying?
Could i convince myself to stop trying?
Hopefully i will wake up from this nightmare soon...
The leaves will fall as i walk alone..
The world will turn as i stand still
The years will pass by like grains of sand in this hourglass of mine
I just cant fight myself anymore
How long will i hold on?
I cant find this thing they call hope
The truth is not always beautiful
But i cant live a lie

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