Thursday, March 29, 2007

No one is Home.

I can stand or I can fall
I can laugh or I can cry
I can keep my head to the ground
or I can raise it to the sky

I can dance or sit it out
I can walk or run instead
I can hope or I can doubt
The memories and dreams within my head

I can hesitate
or Make my way
I can forget the things
I never heard you say

I can bleed
or I can heal
I can forget the ways
You made me feel

I can hate
but I'd love you still
A thousand scholars couldn't convince me
Our love was not real

I can triumph or I can fear
I can burn this to the ground
but I cant live without you here
I can't rest until you're found

I can question
what went wrong
Or throw my hands up
and just move on

I can see truth
or I can pretend
but I can't accept
this is where our journey ends

I can be anything
I ever dreamt I could be
But I don't want to be anything
If what you want, is not in Me

No god will hear me pray
No star will grant my wish
No genie in a bottle will save the day
And I just cant let go of this

I can show the world
but i can't make you see
Your the star I followed each night
That heart is the place I strived to be
In your arms, In your life
As your best friend
As your wife

Now I am wandering in the night
left so fucking aimlessly
Now you are the only star
I can no longer see
Now there is just no where
I will ever care to be
Without your heart I once called home
Lying here right next to me

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