Friday, March 16, 2007

Almost numb.

I'm alone in these lonely shadows
Drinking the pain away
I miss him but it does not matter
I have said all I could say

The whispers aren’t so pleasant
I hear them in the night
So many words of comfort
Wanting to hold me tonight

But I push and shove till I'm alright
Being alone not foolish instead
How can they hold me
If only he is in my head?

From where I’m standing
I can’t see him
From where I’m hiding
The lights have gone dim

Maybe tonight will be my last
No more suffering
If you walk away from your past

One more drink to make things still
One last time Ill take my pill

It takes some time but that’s all I have
To think about the love I had

Stay away I'm going down
And I don’t care
Who is around

Ill not cry out, my tears are dry
I’ve only got this one
Reason left to cry

My heart will rest
One day soon
Ill ink the star that holds the moon

Love as sun, heart as star
Moon as self
My precious scar

Watch it bleed
The needle give
To paint the portrait
Of why I live

Shining star of my existence
Lost to hold his hearts resistance

Dance in fire
Play with matches
Run like a child
When your heart unlatches

Forgiveness lies
Within my heart
Even when we
Are left apart

They think I can run and new love be found
But I’m left wondering
Why you’re not around

They think I can see
Another's gazing eyes
But I’m still wondering
What if he just tried?

So ill empty this glass
And do it again
Till the pain is numb
And I can pretend
This smile is real
And I’m not dying
My heart is mine
Ok.. I’m lying

Ill talk to the walls
And watch the mirrors
Fight the sleep
In which I fear

The ache the burn
It’s all so real
I can’t ignore
The love I feel

No wrong too great
No right too small
I take them in
And accept them all

A love forever
A word I give
I love you now and will
As long as I may live

I love you greg.. forevers.

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