Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Let it begin.

Dont you think for one minute
That her smile is alive
Dont you think for one minute
She is not left dying inside

Dont think I am left healing
When the wounds, they still bleed
Dont think I am still feeling
With this emptiness left in me

I miss the person i became
When I was becomming with you
That was the best of me
but now im the worse of the two

Feelings locked and thrown away
Saying whatever I want to say

Now Im empty
and getting by
Poisoning my body to death
to forget that look in your eye

The world as they see it.. im already gone
So they give up at the moment
I speak out what's wrong

Visions of places I used to be
Writhing like demons inside of me

BUrning sensations
of where your hands once pressed
Left foolish temptations
to remove this knife from my chest

But she's already lost
She's too far gone
To bother with untangling
A love gone so wrong

Dont you think for one moment
There is another place I'd rather be
If this world is still turning
You can be sure Im still lying
on the ground waisting..
Right where you left me

312 hours, thirteen days
born on the 13th
i remember when i wasnt the only one
Counting the ways

Seemingly so simple
the ways we fell together
Convinced love was enough
to pull us through the trials we weathered

BUt now as you say
Sometimes its just not
enough to pull us through
So lets just let it Rot!

Throw it away
Pray for the day
that i forget the reasons
I feel this way.

Walking through the dark
Wearing shadows on my skin
To hide from all the marks
and let the healing begin

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