Saturday, March 17, 2007

I used to be his girl.

He used to call me his girl
He used to look me in the eye
He used to be my world
He used to hold me when id cry

I used to kiss his face
and hold him while he'd sleep
I used to rub his back
To assure him he was safe with me

He used to smack my ass
and catch me off my guard
He used to make me laugh
When he acted like a tard

I used to fight so hard
to have him hold my hand
I thought i had the cards
To play a winning hand

He used to be the one
Who could take it all away
The reason I looked forward to
Finding each new day

I used to be that smile
He didnt know he had
When nothing seemed to be goin right
He was sure of one thing he had

He used be that fire
burning in my soul
To push me to my limits
and make me hit my goals

I used to have a battle
i thought was worth the world
Now im left with scars and stories
of when i Used to be his girl

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