Monday, March 26, 2007

My memory

After all this time I bought for you
You still stand there without a clue

You think you’re a man now
Somehow you think you understand
How to close your eyes and forget it all
That you are the designer of this plan

Watch me cry and walk away
Through with begging
Nothing left to pray

Watch me fall and break my heart
Through with wondering
And pulling you apart

Have your way
Its what you need
Ill have mine
There are no pleads
Strong enough to see you through
Strong enough to get to you

No tears are worth it in your eyes
Nothing sounds worse than when I cry

It would not exist if you would only give
The love you claim
Ready to live
How can I explain?

Leading the blind
With a gentle hand
When you fall ill reach out
And grab you by the hand

No more tears, I wait for the day
Either you hold on tight
Or let me get away

I give this chance to need no more
I give this heart
To show you what yours is for

I love in ways you’ve never seen
I need in ways you see obscene

Perhaps for once you’ve come across
A person who has learned
From what she has lost

Perhaps there is more
You do not know
If you look deep enough
My eyes will show

Perhaps there is a place
Inside you for me
If only it Exists
As My memory

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