Saturday, April 07, 2007


It could have been you but it wasn’t

And now I’ve been led astray

That call in the night

Saying everything is alright

Just let go of it all, its ok

It could have been IT but it wasn’t

Cause you never believed it was true

Now your dreams crashing down

With no one around

And I'm standing outside, without you

This could have been something, but it wasn’t

No longer does your heart quiver inside

So you run far from me

Where angels cannot see

Left fallen, screaming your name to the skies

Bleeding My heart shall arise

This should not come as surprise

Wounded I shall be

But you have taken nothing of me

For Long ago I lost my path and followed my heart

Not my eyes

Even angels can be the fooled

Fall to earth to feel what is whole

Watching you from above

Struggle outside of real love

Facing God’s wrath to give her a soul

“Make me human and Give up this life

Just to fall into humanity

Face a vengeful knife

To walk through shadows on my own

taste the wonders, I’ve never known”

With my wings left up there

I will falter to prayer

As I hang my Halo high

And said my last goodbyes

I pointed to You and said “There”

Those are the arms I will fall to

This is the man I have seen

I no longer sleep in the night

So I am surrendering my flight

To look into the eyes..I found in dream

So here I lie bound and broken

My heart bound by vows I have spoken

To my God that I pray

Will forgive me one day

For your human soul I have chosen

Hell over heaven to see

If your heart could be mended by me

But my words fall on deafened ears

My challenges ignored by simple fears

Eyes wide shut, I bartered and pleaded

Not strong enough to wage a war

On a soul..

Who has already been defeated

He Surrendered long ago

To what, I shall never know

Just lingering now

Making it through somehow

There is nothing left for me

I should go home..

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