Tuesday, March 06, 2007


Is it too much for you to know
That I am lost without you
Is it too much for you to feel
You might be a little lost too?

Are my eyes too bright
to risk that gaze
Is my ego to fragile
to invite your praise

Does my essence still trickle
within your heart?
Does my touch still linger
when we are apart?

If i believe
I belong to you
Would you risk anything
To keep it true

If I believe
your love is mine
That you have given your heart
This Just One time.

If I believe
this is the way
you have come to show
what you cannot say

Will my mind just stop and let me live
Will my soul allow my heart to give

Will my passion go unwanted
When my pleas have gone unheard
Will my lingering carresses in the night
reach your heart without a word

Will my wings be torn for just this chance
To find you lost within my glance
Will my heart go twisted, wrists be bound
To fall here, only to see you no where around

Will my risk go punished
So defiant and unsighted
To fall here to love you
And be left, Uninvited.


knight2b2003 said...

I like this Katie, had to read it a few times to get the full effect, you know me.

C-dell said...

Wow this is really a good. You always have great stuff.