Friday, March 23, 2007

...going home.

Cant you see.. these are my dreams?
I clutch them and never let go
You can walk away
but they will stay.

Cant you see Im letting go
Walking away with some things i never knew
Reclaiming the love you could not show
Im standing outside your walls again
Without you

My hands pulled safely to my head
My mind gone wicked,My heart still beating
After all that it has bled
Whats gone is left.. worth repeating

I've closed my eyes
Ill sleep this night
Im giving back your world
That is what your needing, right?

Learning to love,
Losing to learn
What tears me apart
What makes my soul burn

Im embracing your memory
through mounds of shattered glass
Im lying in my love letters
That you somehow looked right past

I'll run and run until I fall
I'll get back up and run some more
Cause without you i must go on
Learn to breath when my heart is sore

Learn to stand
without your hand
Learn to crawl
instead of fall
Learn to Fly
with broken wings
Learn to live
Without some things

Im walking with my head held down
But ill find a way to look up from the ground
Perhaps in a smile from the comfort of a friend
Ill find my way
no matter what..
Ill make my way

back home again.

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