Sunday, March 18, 2007

They say...

They say take it in..
this is the way
To be strong and hold in
The things I want to say

They say, You'll get through
take a Look at yourself
There is more for you
Put him on a shelf

They say Im amazing
If he loves you, you will know
Only thing i hear is my heart
telling me "Don't let go."

They say there are more fish
But this love is for a man
A heart so bound in confusion
Fighting to understand

They say leave him be
He will come around
If this is right
His heart will fight
and what could be lost will be found

They say your crying has no worth
It changes nothing
but it still hurts

They say Cry out release the pain
If you hold it in
You'll go insane

They say that God will lead your heart
to hold onto your faith
It has gotten you this far

They say reach out to all but him
Dont let him see you cry
So I smile and pretend just as they wish
While I sit here wondering, Why?

So many voices, telling me what to do
but the only choice has already been made
Loving him.. is what I choose.

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