Wednesday, March 21, 2007

7 nights

What am i supposed to say
That im glad you left and went away
What am i supposed to do
Not hear a song and think of you?
How am I supposed to deal with this
When it burns to think of the things i miss?

How am I supposed to believe
That your even left thinking of me
When i beg you to stay
to seize this day
You turn your back and leave

When i look in the mirror
Im left with doubt
That a smile will return
Now that im living without

I wish i were that reason
to make you change your mind
To take your fear of change
To lead you when your blind

I wish I were that chance
You couldnt risk to lose
The reason to be a better person
Me standing next to you

I know I wont wake up
The moon has passed again
7 nights of praying for a sign
This is really not the end.

So i hold you in my heart
My mind is lost with you
Ill look to the sky for the clouds to part
And dream of the day, I walk next to you.

How can i stop loving him...
please tell me how.

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