Friday, March 23, 2007

Ever since.. The day i was born
I was lead a way.. un natural
Ever since That day in the rain
Ive forgotten the ways
To let go of the pain

This is the way
Life has to be
This is the story
Of giving everything
and losing me

Sometimes i wonder
Sometimes Im free
Sometimes i think about all the times
You had other places you would rather be

Ive been biding my time
Been so patiently kind
Ive been biting my tongue
from all the wrong that has been done

Im letting go of the thoughts
The what to do and what nots
Following my heart, its about time
I seize this world
And take whats mine

Put on the shroud
to mourn this death
To Love again
with all thats left

Darkened corners of my mind
Lost to preserve the moments in time
The days we yearned for anothers touch
To forget you were too little
and I
was too much!

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