Thursday, March 01, 2007

If you need me.

Oh how your shadows disolve into my soul
I will tear myself apart,
Just to make you whole

Call for me tonight
I am there, before you even speak
Reach for me tonight
My voice will remove what makes you weak

As soon as i can get to you,
There is where I will be
You need not ever ask
Where I would rather be

I would run
twice as far
Just To bring comfort
to where you are

I would steal anything
just to sell..
to pay your ransom
indebted to hell

I would blow out the stars
if they shine too bright
If only it helps you
sleep this night

I would cast away
All hearts to be known
Just to show my pledge
That your heart is my own

I would capture a thousand
beems of light
to place by your side
when i am not in sight

If need be had, I am here for you
but please don't forget
I need you too.

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