Wednesday, February 28, 2007


Alright I can do this

Release without worry
Just open up and let it go

Guided by the hand
led to a cliff to choose
A choice I have no clue why i need to make
But has been made obvious

I have to find myself
I thought I had before
But the minute my heart seems lonely
My self walks out the door

I try to see things clearly
I try to fill my time
But nothing seems to replace
the thought of him in my mind

I know i have to push them
Far away inside
to laugh in anothers company
with thoughts of him I hide

To smile and pretend
it is not in my head
that id rather be doing
anything with him instead

To laugh and take it
all with stride
quick to wipe my makeup
from the trail of where i cried

Here I walk further from you
letting you come after me
when your ready to

Here I draw a line
and I will stay on my side
Allowing you to make your choice
To capture your heart
or cling to your pride.


The Lost Road To Zion said...


alim sacred said...

what an interesting collection of poems... its really like a swirl of poetic souls..a part of life's story being retold as a simple yet lively words..

i'll be following ur blog.