Wednesday, February 28, 2007

i dunno. I dunno.

I am running from the sunlight
Waiting for you to hear me
I am falling from the silence
Dont you want to speak to me?
I am sensing something different
Im not sure I want to see

I will die this day should you steal my breath
I will fall and clutch the lonliness

There is no chance in finding you
if you hide from me
While im searching for you.

Set me on fire let me burn
Ashes blown as wind flows by
My heart remains as seasons turn
Only finding desperate sighs

Final stand
Gun in hand
So this is not
What you had planned.

Put me out
this fiery soul
Cast my fears into the wind
If i am no longer whole

Answer me quickly
Am i the one
To hand you a reason to rest
when your day is done

Now take your time
to look through your day
would my not being there
be a better way?

Tell me does it matter much
What signs are brought to you
If you do not want to see them
There is not much left, I can do

Would you tie the bridges
secure and true
to pave a path
from me to you?

Would you steal the waters
from the lonliest sea
To build yourself a river
From you to me?

I do not know what i am doing
Tell me do you know
that late at night I forget to sleep
Still Hoping you will show

But here I am
and your not here
I am learning to live
within my tears

I place my head
in thoughts of you
Just one more pill
to get me through..

Goodnight my love
where ever you rest
I lie alone in the thoughts
My heart has professed

Sleep well my love
and to us a new day
A new chance to fall asleep
with the lonliness washed away

Maybe tomorrow.

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