Thursday, February 08, 2007

Playful love.

I didnt mean to cross your lines
I didnt know you were not ready this time

I didnt know id have to watch you slowly fall
I did not know you never had the chance to feel
so i dance around you
reaching for your hand to show you whats real
Giggling as you stumble
Pulling you by the hand

Your body uneasy
when i ask you to dance
cause you never thought
You'd want to take this chance

When you go about your ways
Trying to make sense of these things
I pull you close and kiss your lips
and make you forget..

I am not above falling for you
I have fallen into your eyes
I have fallen into something i cannot explain
You have stolen the power
Of my own hearts reign

No need for analyzing things we dont know
Just hold onto one another
Make it up as we go

No need for re-thinking that look in your eyes
Just let it happen the way it will
Im not leaving your side

Tomorrow is our playground
Today is our vow
Of the love we have found
Dont look back, im here now

How lucky to have found
this love growing wild
How could i resist
everytime i see that smile

Your eyes, how they glimmer
like the raindrops i admire
Your touch, a constant flame
that brings passion to my fire

Lets take a picture
Capture this kiss
Stealing your breath away
I know..
You never knew you'd feel like this

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C-dell said...

Living for others is hard we don't want to hurt the people we care about. Sometimes it is unavoidable. Another great post.