Thursday, February 15, 2007


I took a chance and i got to feel
Your hand in mine,Your heart so real

I have to laugh every now and then
I cant just fall and let it end
I have to smile and make it through
Ill close my eyes, when im not with you

The eyes you see
You make them bright
Dont think your failing
just hold me tonight

Walking down the stairs.. I smile
Its time I get to hold you a while
Staying the night
Stealing a kiss
Letting you leave
taking everything i miss

But Ill laugh and smile
without you tonight
Cause your heart is mine

Im alright

Driving home you make me laugh
Nothing to steal my time from you
Stopping to kiss me in your tracks
I capture your gaze in shades of blue

Ill write a song, Just to make this moment last
To bring down the rain and have this dance

Ill write a song to sing to you
Ill find the words to whisper in your ear
To steal another moment for you
To make the world dissappear

Ill laugh and smile
without you tonight
Cause your still mine

Everything is alright.

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