Sunday, February 04, 2007

My hand in yours.

If I dare to say goodbye tonight
would my heart still shatter
will my choice be right?

Would the patience be an angry mess?
To sit here waiting out
My Lonliness?

How could I find a way to heal?
If i am left
Loving you still?

So, I am fighting this out
Im so tired
Of going without.

Why should I stand in lonely shadows?
When there is so much light to be found
Why should I lie here in this place?
If you wont join me on the ground?

I will stay here crying, So you will never know
Understanding nothing of myself
Except I did not think this
Is the way love really goes.

You lost your pride while i was away
You layed it down to bring me back
But picked it up along the way

Come back to me the way you were
That night you thought...
"I do not want to be without her".

Bring me back That man I'd choose
That layed down his heart
With nothing left to lose.

I wonder if you even know
You're the dream i wish to stumble upon each night
I wonder why i feel
Im out of your mind when your out of my sight.

I want to wake up and see you smile
Id like to hold you still..
once in a while.

You found your heart in its breaking
The loss gone noticed
Heart left Aching
Tears held back..
Voices shaking

You said yourself
"I think your heart was always mine".
In tears I replied
"You have had it all this time".

Redeemed to battle, devising loves light to last
I pulled our memories from their drawers
Reclaiming your passion..replacing my hearts desire
Re-writing the pages found, through these open doors
Handing me the ashes of this fire
One last fight to keep..
My hand in yours

I love you.

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