Sunday, February 25, 2007

Prisoner of Love.

I am facing this silence with bitten tongue
I am listening to the voices
Telling me what is done is done

It does not matter where I go
This fate is outside of me

It does not matter what I say
It is going to happen anyway

It is shameful that I think I am
more than you had ever planned
Yet I cannot speak
I cannot stand

The vision comes as I had asked
With fiery eyes my heart surpassed
Left to struggle words within
The truth remains inside of him

A heart so open it slowly leaks
The comfort my desperate soul still seeks
Mind so clouded that this may be true
Words so sharp, but never get through

I kneel before you
Head bowed down
But I should be standing
Cause I wear this crown

Condemned by my love
That makes or breaks
Imprisoned to serve
And give all you will take

Chained to your emotions
All tied up in you
When you run, I run faster
To not be a burden on you
Captured in your glances
So sparingly given
Releasing the chances
Of escaping this prison

Prisoner of love, I humble to you
Knowing if these chains were broken
I could not leave
Even if you wanted me to.

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