Tuesday, February 20, 2007

I ask for you.

You have stolen my sanity
I pray for a refuge with you inside of me
My heart lay still while I'm still waiting
My mind goes running through debating

The way you keep everything in its place
The way you know that look on my face

You create an uneasiness that i can't ignore
I build a world surrounded by yours

Its never easy lying here
Its just too much to face my fear

Steal me away from the sun
be that place that I lie
Why has it come down to this
Why am I missing you in my life

Im so far down
I dont know where to begin
To pick myself up
To tell you your not allowed in

I am going to run
I am going to hide
I am going to find
what i am missing inside

So push my buttons
Make it burn
and watch me cry
till you finally learn

To find your way
through my door
Will you fall again
Like you have before?

If you are left to beg
for my love in your hand
Will you lie there thoughtless
Or make that final stand?

If you are left to wonder
The worlds of why's
Will you say "If only
I did not leave her to cry?"

Can you see your distance?
Do I expect too much?
If you never see me
Will that be enough?

The whole world watching
Through rose colored glass
Will he capture this angel
Or let her pass?

The thousands waiting
To hold your place
While one heart longs
for only your embrace

Not just with your arms
but your eyes and your being
Is my heart being deceived
By what my mind is seeing?

I have said it before
I will say it again
I can't spend forever
In this game of pretend

It doesn't matter anymore
There are no words left to say
If your thrown into the wind
Will you simply fly away?

I have not caged you
You are free to fly
You are welcome to go
If your heart does not comply

Does your heart not tremble
tonight like mine
Laying your head fast asleep
Believing everything is fine

It is not supposed to end this way
I am supposed to fight
I am supposed to stay

It is not less than what I am
I ask for you
to take my hand

To hold my heart
and give to me
a reason to live
A reason..
To breathe.

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