Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Promise in your heart.

Paint me a picture in shades of blue
So when my heart feels lost
I can still find you

Ask me to dance while the rain pours down
So i can dance alone and remember
Where my heart was finally found

Sing to me a song that will forever play in my heart
So i can listen to it again and again
When we have to be apart

Tell me Never, Always, Forever
That nothing in this world
could keep us from being together

I am falling asleep
Writing this for you
But my mouth can't say
What my heart wants me to

Nails on heads
Tongue being bitten
Your heart feels shamed
By what mine has written

Give to me a ring on my pinky
A promise we can share
To tell me Always and forever
You will be by my side, You swear
To say each heart beat.. is a precious gift
And wherever you are..
You can feel it
From there

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