Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Fallen for you.

Im staring blankly at the wall
to figure where i was before the fall
Days gone by and still my eyes follow
Where you plan to be tomorrow

Church bells ringing and your not smiling
Babies born I cry, you cringe
Lovers embrace, you turn your head
Pulling me closer you should be, Instead

I can appreciate this precious ache
Cause I know that I am still feeling
I can love you for many things
if only to leave my heart revealing

No lies but truth,
I give into you
The silence wakes me
Nothing I can do
'sept watch for the little things
and hope you see them too

I fell Here to hold your heart
There is nothing saying
we should be apart

I fell Here, to show you the way
To open your eyes
and give you a reason to pray

Friday morning I'll make that call
To take me back
into the arms I fall

No easy way back from where I came
But to live this angels dream
and make it through the pain

To stand before, not step aside
To pull you from the shadows
In which you reside
Im not going back
without you by my side

What will it take to make you cry
What are the fears you hold inside
Let me hold you, I am yours
Forever beside you
Fighting wars

What will it take to make you see
Forever is where I long to be
In your days and in your nights
Through your mistakes
Through your re-writes

What can I say that will make you hear
My name whispered within your ear
The loudest thunder from the smallest tear
Stolen away, just to have you here


Chi said...

Wow. I totally feel that! This one totally spoke to me.

Catherine Dodson said...

Thank you